Managing Milestones

Whether it's getting a degree, landing that big promotion, being married, having a child or any of the other markers of personal progress, milestones are universally acknowledged as happy times in our ... read more

Your Love is a Temple

Heartbreak is something we're all very familiar with. It's never fun, and though we do survive it, no one is sitting around wishing for it to come along again. Yet we all look for love, lasting love, the ... read more
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Ask Your Spirit Guide

A while back, in the middle of winter, actually, for several days in a row, I found a ladybug either right on my clothing or right near me while I was busy doing something. This occurred in different ... read more

Get Your Mojo Back

Life is not all highs and lows. Mostly, it's a lot of in betweens. Daily routines where we get things done, sure, but we just don't feel at our best. The road ahead is uncertain (or so predictable it pains ... read more

Duplicity in Love

Relationships are hard enough to navigate when the partners involved are open and communicative with each other. But add a chameleon into the mix - you know the type, friendly and warm one second, cold and ... read more
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