Are You Really Healed?

Most of us who seek a reading want to know about our soulmate, yet very few of us are willing to prepare for that person's arrival. We allow ourselves to engage in relationships of all sorts, but what we ... read more

Are You a Love Stalker?

You loved each other. You broke up. Now, you are slipping into pathetic behavior - verging on stalker-like activities such as driving by your ex's house, text messaging, hanging out at all your old haunts, ... read more

We Need To Talk…

Ah, those dreaded words! There may not be a right way to handle being dumped. But there's most certainly a wrong way. No matter what the situation is, it's a good idea to strive to be cool, collected and ... read more

Dealing With Rejection

When you get dumped, fired or denied, it feels like you're the only one person on earth who has ever felt the sting of rejection. But being rejected is one of the most universal experiences in life - even ... read more

Cold Weather, Cold Heart?

The winter holidays have come and gone, but the cold weather still lingers. Even worse than the weather outside can be the cold you're feeling inside because of stress, loneliness, anxiety or fear. Here ... read more

Sweet Revenge

Being dumped is one of the worst feelings on earth. The worst part is knowing that while your ex is off living a fabulous life, you can't stop thinking about them. Here are our top three ways for getting ... read more
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