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Know Your Lover!

You've heard the stories (or had the experience!) of relationships going belly-up because someone "changed" or just wasn't the person they appeared to be. Sometimes it happens - there are a lot of good ... read more

Loving Unavailable People

Oh, why do we love those that can't love us back? It's the agony of romantic comedies, tragedies and endless journal entries. If you are stuck in the sad pattern of falling into relationships that leave ... read more

Deal Breakers in Love

Some of us are good at seeing perfection in others or making the honeymoon phase of a relationship last. But most, if not all, will eventually recognize their prospective or current partner has flaws. ... read more

Show Instead of Tell

You want to tell your partner "I love you," but you don't want to say it in so many words. In fact you don't want to use any words at all. Perhaps you aren't ready to say the "L" word even though you feel ... read more
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