Wild Offering Oracle: March 1 – 7

Wild Offering Oracle: March 1-7 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Healers and teachers- what is ego? Is it that thing that stands between us and enlightenment? Or, is it that thing that keeps us safe in the world?

Well, Tosha Silver has navigated this question top to bottom, and has come up with a set of cards which helps us questioners do exactly the same.

In this playfully illustrated set of cards, she conveys the many aspects of the spiritual action involved in surrendering to Divine Will. It seems to be all about releasing attachment to ego defined outcomes.

Each card looks at a situation common to almost all humans: aging, solitude, travel, or truth with an eye to calling in Divine Will for the highest and greatest good.

So, this deck is great for meditation, or to apply in the standard way to illuminate a specific question.

Why is that so wild? Because it requires letting go of our tribal, rational, and ego defenses which we believe we need in order to be safe, so that we can be safe in a more important way.

Important for our soul, that is.

And, that’s where the real joy happens, isn’t it?

So, let’s just be wild and throw off the small viewpoint, and that false protection and control we resort to under stress, and jump in this week with the Wild Offering to call in our Highest Good.

One, two, three, we’re in.

March 1 – Sunday

True Love

Isn’t this something we’ve all searched for? What stories could you tell about the strange and extreme situations it’s taken you to? But wholeness and safety lie within.

This solitude leads to the deepest intimacy because we realize we don’t have to “use” others to get it.

Ironically, it’s usually when we achieve this self-knowledge and sufficiency that people come forward to really love us!

This card is saying that today you will become rooted in true love. Expect warmth and acknowledgment from others in all situations because it will be coming at you.

Stay in your own circle of energy and project some friendly goodwill through your smile because others find you irresistible today.

March 2 – Monday


The Divine is really our complete source for all provision, isn’t it? The card says that today is a day to pray and affirm that all who need you find you.

When we ask to lighten suffering on the planet as a result of our work-look out!

Put the Universe on notice that you are now available to welcome all who will be helped by your work. Then get ready for the “flood” of the nicest kind.

March 3 – Tuesday


Have you ever been in a space where you felt inexplicably drained, but couldn’t explain it?

The card says that it’s time to release people, places, and things today that are drawing on your vital energy.

Ask the Divine to show you what you no longer need and what to reach for that will fill you with joy and energy.

Now, get ready for some changes that feel good.

March 4 – Wednesday


Yikes, before I throw this card back to the deck and draw another one, let’s look deeper.

Service. Hmm. Grey uniforms and stoic faces? And, do we sometimes equate this word with martyrdom?

The card says that today you will stop asking the Universe to bring in what you want and ask to be used. But, don’t worry! This is not the sickly self-sacrifice of martyrdom.

Today, you’ll notice many of your deepest desires become fulfilled by centering in this mind set!

March 5 – Thursday


Why do we drop this one on ourselves? Making mistakes seems to be the root of creativity. Ask today to be free of the prison of perfectionism.

The card shows that a mistake you make today will lead to a new and life altering experience.

Example: Did you really make that wrong turn again in the evening’s commute? And, did you know that the person who gave you directions is your previously un-encountered soul mate?

Can you guess what’s next? Enough said.

March 6 – Friday


Don’t you just get sick of “working on” yourself?

This card is telling us that when we totally offer ourselves to Divine Love, we get to stop the toil and play in the sun. “Improvement” comes about spontaneously. We rest in our wholeness.

The card is saying: Try this today and watch the smiles bubble up on your face and everyone else’s.

March 7 – Saturday


What really is the point of life, if it isn’t enjoyment?

The card tells us to stop making a “job” out of everything we do.

Invite Infinite Being to take over today.

It’s saying to you, “Good Morning. I’ll handle everything today, so stop striving and pushing. Relax and have a great day!”

(Don’t get hiccoughs from all the giggles.)

A Fun Spread to Try: The Wild Card Spread

Pull in a deep breath and when you let it out concentrate on what you most need help with today.

Shuffle the deck thoroughly while concentrating on this issue. Spread the cards face down on the table, and when you are ready, quickly and spontaneously draw whichever card “waves” at you the strongest.

This is the answer to your dilemma.

Turn this card over and read what it tells you about how to move forward in this situation. What steps or actions should you take?

What might you be overlooking in this situation?

What outcome can you expect?

Let the Divine talk to you and give you the answers.

Step Two: Take the second issue which surfaces in your mind. This might be an aspect of the first problem, but keep it discrete for clarity.

Shuffle, spread the cards face down, and draw a second card quickly.

Meditate on what it tells you about the solution.

Step Three: Repeat this process for a third situation that is clawing at you. Concentrate, shuffle, and draw a card. It contains the answer.

Now, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being lots better, and one being still stuck, where are you on the scale?

I’m guessing you’ll be above seven and it’s time to go find some fun!

Thanks for joining me today. See you later.

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