The Whimsical Tarot: July 19 – 25

The Whimsical Tarot: July 19-25 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

I’ve discovered something strange about the Whimsical Tarot. The deck’s originators, Dorothy Morrison and Mary Hanson-Roberts, say it is a deck for children or the young at heart. But, although the images and border colors are childlike and bold, the ideas and situations they suggest are subtle and adult!

Maybe that’s why we’re so drawn to this deck. Its popularity seems to be global and enduring. Its particular slant presents as innocent and safe a world as could exist, and draws you totally in with its charm and fantasy.

It is colorful, fey, and imaginative. It is also a powerful, transformative tool. Let’s enter the sweet and wondering world of childhood through the Whimsical Tarot and see what awaits us there.

July 19 – Sunday

Ace of Wands

You’re about to take a step today that will prove very fateful. The flowers and ribbons on this card’s rod tell you that it will bloom beautifully for you in time. There could be a birth of some kind, a relationship, a new career, or a child beginning to grow.

The card says: Yes, take the step that presents itself. The choice you make now will reach far into the future.

July 20 – Monday

Ten of Pentacles

Today something comes to fruition that you started a long time ago. It could relate to financial wealth and also includes a very secure and long-term relationship. Appreciate what you have built and earned.

There may be several “generations” of family, people, or ideas involved in the substance of what you’ve generated. See how you can take some of what you’ve earned and plant a “seed” for someone else.

A far-reaching tree of life with many branches continues to grow as a result of your actions.

July 21 – Tuesday

The Moon

Trances, dreams, and visions bring a psychic tide of events for you today. Most will be sensitive and mystical, but a few could feel terrifying. You may seek a “womb” of safety to retreat into. Do nothing much outwardly today, if possible. Let the motion of your being carry you to a new place of spiritual freshness.

If you are feeling emotional and raw, pay attention to your inner self. It will tell you to protect yourself with a loving energy “membrane” until you are ready to emerge.

July 22 – Wednesday

The Devil

This card pictures a marionette with many strings making a puppet dance. Are you feeling like someone’s puppet today?

The card reveals the necessity to be clear and concise with someone in your close inner circle. Nothing will be gained by being too strategic and tactful because someone pulling your strings simply doesn’t want to hear your objections. Assert your agenda in this situation. It is as legitimate as anyone else’s.

Another’s ego may be causing you problems and making you feel jerked around. Trust what you know at the core of your being and draw a line in the sand.

July 23 – Thursday

Four of Swords

Go on a journey to the center of your soul today. It could include contemplation of your ancestors and what predated you. It could take you into the future and you will see the developments you’ve generated yourself.

Hide in your bedroom if you want. Visit a tranquil graveyard and meditate on your mortality. This isn’t for morbid reasons but to help you crystallize how you want to spend your time.

Reach out to someone objective, if you feel the need, who can bounce your visions off the wall of reality.

July 24 – Friday

Five of Cups

The plumed pirate on this card feels that his treasure chest is empty. It really isn’t, and neither is yours. The card is here to tell you to look deeper and not be hypnotized by what you consider to be a total bust.

If you feel a loss very keenly, realize that when you dig deeper into your life, there is still so much that you have to enjoy. Look for the remaining cups of happiness which haven’t spilled and are still standing.

July 25 – Saturday

The Chariot

If you’ve been considering a move, now might be the time that the wheels really begin to turn toward your new direction. Nothing will happen unless you take the reins of the situation into your hands.

Use reason and emotion in the right balance to make your choices now. It looks like you will have the will and motivation to make the changes you want.

Whatever you do today, forward movement toward something better is going to be involved.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Finding Love Spread

This is a five card spread which explores and examines your deep down readiness for love.

Shuffle the deck thoroughly while concentrating on the kind of lover you really, really want.

Pull five cards randomly from the deck while contemplating the love you are seeking.

The cards are laid out as follows:



2                                              3



The spread will answer the following questions:

Card one- What will this person be like?

Card two- Are you ready to accept the love of this kind of person?

Card three- Where will you meet him or her?

Card four- In what ways and on which levels will you connect strongly?

Card five- Does this relationship have what it takes to go the distance?

Now, record your insights into a journal and look at them daily to keep your intention and focus crystal clear. This will help with manifestation immensely! You will know instantly who to invest in or who to eliminate from your life.

Look at what you’ve written daily for a few minutes when you can really concentrate, then release it to the Universe to work out the details for you.

If you love to paint or write songs, create a song or picture which captures the essence of the relationship you want to create, and focus on it daily. As your concept of the love you want becomes more specific and detailed, be sure to add that to your pictures, songs, or written reflections.

May the love angels guide you to the love you truly wish for. And, remember, “Keep calm, and read Tarot!”

See you soon.

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