Where Science and Psychics Meet

Growing up in a religious household, I had to find a way to make sense of being psychic. That way I could explain to others what was really going on inside my head, instead of my family just taking my word for it that I’m not talking to the devil himself, and sending them an invite to eat at his dinner table! That’s where my scientific search began.

Doctors, scientists and researchers have written countless books on ESP, telepathy, remote viewing and psychic phenomena. Case studies have shown that twins separated by an ocean can still feel the other twin’s pain, know when the other is in danger, and can feel when the other has passed away. Mothers get glimpses into the future, knowing when their child will be hurt.

Twins live in tight quarters for nine months. During this time, when one twin felt pain, the other felt an electrical current shift and maybe a jolt of energy. The temperature in the womb might have risen, and the heart rate of the twin in pain would have changed. The other twin would pick up on all of these shifts, and now they’re linked. Now that they’re out of the womb, the twins still subconsciously pick up on these shifts when they’re together. This also explains the connection between mother and child. Their bodies were once in sync, and may still pick up on slight to major energy shifts of the body. Lovers spending a lot of time together can also become synced, which has been proven in scientific experiments.

What about long distance psychic hits? I always ask people “Do you believe in cell phones?” “Of course,” usually comes the reply. If you believe in cell phones, you believe in psychic ability. They work the same way. Rodger Dobson writes in an article: “For the first time, researchers have calculated that the power of a single brain is greater than all the computers ever made. While even the biggest computer has a capacity of around 10,000,000,000,000 bytes (10 to the power of 12), the human brain has a colossal 10 followed by 8,432 noughts.”

Cell phones are wireless computers that carry radio waves signal to a tower. That tower then carries a signal back to the cell phone and connects to other phones. Science explains that our minds are more powerful than this simple action. It’s easy to see that our minds can work in much the same way.

Your brain sends out a wave, but instead of a radio wave, it’s a brainwave. When someone thinks a thought, the brainwave is then transmitted. The feelings associated with the thought puts the wave on a specific frequency. A psychic at the same frequency can then become a tower and pick up the signal and the information in it. This can also be likened to a radio. Many stations are transmitting signals, but you can only tune into one station at a time. This explains why some psychics get certain information about a client and others won’t.

We know that psychic phenomenon are real, but science is still trying to understand the future. How can we know something that hasn’t happened yet? I theorize that the future can be designed ahead of time for major events. Near death experiences may be designed to get you back on track in fulfilling your purpose, or meeting the person you’ll be with until death do you part—these things may be fairly easy for a psychic to see, because they’re already planned.

Another theory is cause and effect. A person’s actions set something in motion. They aren’t aware of what effect that will have in their lives consciously, but a psychic can sense the energetic pattern created by the action—the future event set in motion by the client.

For example, two kids are playing ball. Child one throws the ball. Child two sees the ball is headed right for their face. The child then ducks and covers. It hasn’t happened yet, but the child predicted it would happen, and reacted accordingly to prevent it. The cause was the ball being thrown and the effect could have been child two being hit by the ball, but the event then became the child shielding himself from danger. Psychics see the invisible aspect of this scenario play out in their mind’s eye.

In a way, this takes the spooky mysticism out of being psychic, until we start discussing the future being foretold by the dead, but that’s a discussion I’ll save for another day…

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2 thoughts on “Where Science and Psychics Meet

  1. Jacqueline

    Hi Belinda,
    What a cool article, I have always said that baby’s telepathically communicate with there mother, when there hunger, time to change there diaper even just want to be held, we communicate telepathically with our family and friends, we just haven’t realized it yet, once we truly acknowledge this form of communication and that it does exist, scoot over cell phones, talk about future means of communication, as we evolve as a planet so will our abilities as a whole.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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