When Will It Happen?

Our psychics tell us that predicting the timing of the events they foresee can be one of the most difficult things they are asked to do. There isn’t one specific way psychics pick up on dates, months and years. They might use tools, rely on guides or cross-check their psychic abilities with divination tools for accuracy.

They may also rely solely on their fine-tuned intuition or read the caller’s energy to determine a timeframe for a reading. And, for a multitude of reasons, not every call with a psychic comes with an answer to the question, “When?”

Psychic timing can be very tricky, reveals a Clairvoyant who projects a psychic calendar to see when an event is likely to occur. “Sometimes the actual month or date will pop up from my guides. But there is also a conditional element at play in timing. I find that when clients take the information from a reading and act on their own behalf, then the event is more likely to occur as predicted. If the client doesn’t take action, the event may not occur.”

“Occasionally, the timing comes through as clear as a date on a calendar,” another intuitive reports. “In any case it takes a great deal of concentration and vision to predict. It comes through with more clarity when the energy of the caller is open. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than hearing back from a client who says, ‘You said it would happen in three months – and it’s been exactly three months!”

In general, immediate events are easier to pin down, California Psychics say. One of our psychics reports that about 90% of her readings cover events over a two or three month time frame. The information that she receives from her guides is often so immediate that it can be hard for her to tell whether what she’s seeing is already happening or just about to happen. Either way, her clients respond to the timing. Charlotte ext. 9350 says that she is most comfortable looking four to six weeks down the road with a sense of accuracy. After that, she believes that free will, options and personal choice can change everything with the blink of an eye.

At another end of the psychic timing spectrum Jonathan ext. 9601 , who agrees that short time frames are more accurate, is willing and able to push the envelope to move as far into the future as necessary. Maryanne ext. 9146 can scan time up to 10, 15 and even 20 years into the future if the information can help the client improve their circumstances.

So where does a psychic look for timing in a reading? Some psychics’ time frames come from their
guides, as well as remote viewing. Guides will take them backwards to show past events that might be causing current issues. At other times, a look far ahead can reassure a caller. “Once a client in her 30s asked me if I thought her relationship was long-term. My guides showed me an elderly couple sitting at their kitchen table – they appeared to be in their 80s!” a top Mediuim reveals.

Yvonne ext. 9883 finds that her guides can give her the timing of predictions, when each question is asked with a desired time frame attached to it. She may also use a regular deck of playing cards to reveal timing. The 52 cards represent the 52 weeks in a year. Each suit is specific to a season and each card to a week and day of the year.

But then again, even when our psychics are referring to this illusive thing called psychic timing, they agree that it can be so clear in a reading that there is absolutely no doubt in their mind that their timing is accurate.

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