This Week in Tarot: June 11 – 17

The Power of Tarot

The Psychic Tarot is calling out to us this week to impart some wisdom and insight as to how the summer is going to be. It is hard to believe that half a year has passed and vacations and fun in the sun are now on our minds. And for those of us who love the moon, we will be able to sit outside around the fire pit in awe of the fireflies with the sky lit up by the stars. Let’s look through the psychic eye of the cards to make sure there are no thunderstorms brewing. Here is your week in Tarot.

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DAY – DESTINY (Major Card 10). A cycle of change is in the air. The ebbs and flows of life are karmically driven by your causes which in turn bring the effects. What are you looking to do? How do you want to grow? This is certainly the perfect time to replace your problems with solutions. EVENING – CHOOSE WISELY (Emotions). Before you fall asleep tonight, recount the day. There were elements of importance that happened during the day. One advantage stood out more than the others. Remember, a wise choice will certainly bring joy.


DAY – MOVING ON (Mental). Finally, the time has come to put the past behind you. You took apart the last few years and discovered many new things about yourself. Spiritual growth gave your state of mind more confidence and a deep sense of compassion. However, getting to the new destination is a mystery that will unfold over the next six weeks. Know that you are at your peak and ready for what’s to come. EVENING – FIRM FOUNDATION (Physical). Being flexible is the message of this card. Although the foundation is strong and you are at a great point, do not allow the ego to make you feel too comfortable. Here is when you put the pedal to the metal and work on your financial security. Sleep on a pillow filled with your goals and accomplishments, and wake with a smile on your face.


DAY – PATIENCE (Major Card #14). Chaos at work is only the beginning. Today is a day that will require you to be calm. There will be some coworkers or people in your personal work environment that want the same vacation time as you. A plan will be put in place, like writing names down and putting them in a hat to pick who gets when to vacation. You are looked to for validation. EVENING – OBSTACLES & CHALLENGES (Spirit). I know this is not the perfect card to end a rough day. However, as you examine the situation you find that you overcome the mundane and rise to the challenge with grace and your guides backing you. What you want is certainly what you get.


DAY – PATIENCE & PLANNING (Physical). Here is where you find that hard work pays off. In the process of getting the planning of the day in order, you have to pull from your patience to keep from blowing up. Rewind your thought process for a minute and check to see if you are in a cycle that you wish to break. Now is certainly the time. EVENING – DISCONTENT & BOREDOM (Emotions). Take this opportunity to get some rest. The party is going to start and keep going nonstop all summer. You think of things to make a barbecue more exciting, and this makes you feel good. So while the time is still yours, take advantage of it.


DAY – HEARTACHE & LOSS (Mental). Memories. You have separation anxiety because you’re missing those you love who have passed on. However, negative thinking will get in the way of the happy times that you had with all the wonderful people and pets in your life. Be happy that you have such a rich memory bank. Today the healing begins. EVENING – WISDOM (Major Card #5). During the day the energy was heavy, and tonight you want to talk to a loved one about your thoughts. The person you choose to confide in will be one with sage advice and wisdom. This card also asks you to find a group of like-minded people.


DAY – REJOICE IN CELEBRATION (Emotions). Love is in your lap. However, if you’re single, it’s going to fall into your lap … just like that. Go out and be part of the fun. This day sets you up for a great night. I see a long weekend with lots of fun to be had. It is certainly  a time of unity. EVENING – THE WAITING GAME (Spirit). Certainly the day was great and now the evening has you waiting for someone special to show up. Go and have a good time! Your person is on the way! You excel at keeping friendships strong, and the rest of us could take a page from your playbook.


DAY – PASSION IGNITED (Spirit). Getting your creative groove on is a no-brainer. Excitement spurs you on to finishing projects you started awhile back. It’s certainly good to get your plate cleared! There is a powerful force of creative energy surging through you. In fact, your spiritual vibrations are at an all-time high. Use them for the betterment of love and life. EVENING – INTUITION (Major Card #2). Did you know that intuition is the language of the soul? Therefore, what you feel speaks to you loud and clear. Do not ask others for their input. You can stand on your own this time around. Looking within brings warmth and calm vibrations to make this Saturday night one of interesting communications.

If you’re on a budget, know that relaxing at home can be just as soothing to your nature as a trip to some exotic location. Whatever you do, just make sure you stay in your financial lane so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money. Namaste!

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