This Week in Tarot: July 23 – 29

The Power of Tarot

The legend of The Housewives Tarot goes like this: Marilyn was a happy homemaker, or as I like to say, a domestic goddess. She certainly seemed to have it all—her home was perfect, she dressed with flair and her personal relationship was classic. It was kind of like Leave it to Beaver meets The Dick Van Dyke Show. While playing bridge, she decided to reveal her secret of perfection and pulled her tarot cards out of her purse. Gasp! Her friends told her to put them away. “Don’t be silly,” Marilyn said. “I use my tarot cards to guide me through obstacles such as mother-in-law problems.” After explaining the purpose of the tarot cards, one of the other gals said, “Why, I declare! These cards are not the gateway to damnation after all.” This week I’m calling on Marilyn’s spirit to guide us with The Housewives Tarot.

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DAY – THE QUEEN OF WANDS. Keywords: Creative Energy, Ego, and Passion. What, me? A drama queen? With an energy that radiates like the sun itself, your Queen positively glows. Traveling is certainly on the agenda and the desire to devote more time to creative projects gets you ready for the busiest time of the summer. EVENING – THE HIEROPHANT. Keywords: Answers, Wisdom, and Harsh Truths. If you’ve got questions, grab the TV guide (now Google) and turn on the boob tube. The Hierophant is the magic box that is full of information, news, movies, and entertainment. The reception is crystal clear, yet you might not like what you see or hear.


DAY – ACE OF WANDS. Keywords: Energy, Projects, and Adventure. This is certainly a great card to start off the work week. It’s about dusting away the old and making room for the new, be it at home or at work. This is the card that says “Let’s get to work.” Be on the lookout for new adventures as well as a mid-summer getaway. EVENING – TEN OF PENTACLES. Keywords: Balance, Responsibilities, and Pressure. It’s a blessing to have things that need to be juggled, including money, time, etc. Life is full. With grace and determination, you tackle the obligations, all the while maintaining your balance. Get ready for a night out with the gals, and the babysitter will be there at five o’clock sharp.


DAY – DEATH. Keywords: An Unfavorable Ending, Loss, and Necessary Change. It’s time to check the dates on the products in the pantry and fridge. Although a grim card, it really has a positive outcome in its message—get rid of the old and you will have room for the new. And if you can smell fish before you cook it, don’t eat it. EVENING – NINE OF PENTACLES. Keywords: Independence, Confidence, and Clarity. The lovely lady on this card is independent and knows how to get the job done. She is the original Josephine the Plumber or Rosie the Riveter. Like a dishwasher, she stands alone, and after all the cycles are complete her future is sparkling clean.


DAY – KING OF SWORDS. Keywords: Stubborn, Judgmental, and Blunt. The keeper of the kingdom, this guy’s got it going on. But if you love him it has to be without conditions. He will fire up the barbecue and cook the food without complaining. While the generous mood continues, take advantage. Because when he shuts down for the night there is no more grilling to be had. EVENING – FOUR OF WANDS. Keywords: Reward, Tranquility, and Relaxation. “Take a load off, Fanny … And (and) (and) you put the load right on me.” Give yourself a break. Rest up, because the challenges are coming in the near future. However, the foundation you built is a sturdy one, so it props you up.


DAY – JUDGMENT. Keywords: Assessment, Acceptance, and Harsh Criticism. Is it time to throw in the towel? Are you sick and tired of the boss who thinks he is king? When confronted, don’t be modest. Instead, be proud of your accomplishments. After all, what would your boss do without you? EVENING – FOUR OF PENTACLES. Keywords: Selfishness, Hoarding, and Fear of Risk. This card represents a person who has all the good china in a cabinet, but it’s just for viewing and not eating on. The purpose of this card is to show you that the good things in life are to be used. Therefore, be the person who has the bumper sticker, “I’m spending my children’s inheritance.” And cut a check for the next big occasion. You certainly need to change your relationship with things and money.


DAY – ACE OF SWORDS. Keywords: Challenges, Trails, and Upcoming Ordeals. Someone is hitting the bottle a little too much and it might be time for a family intervention. You have excellent common sense, so you can handle the issues with compassion. However, whatever you do, keep yourself protected spiritually. Get right to the point; there is no need to waste time. EVENING – TEMPERANCE. Keywords: Cooperation, Compromise, and Sympathy. In your blender, put equal parts joy and sorrow, anger and forgiveness, justice and compassion. Mix on high until well blended. Temperance is a delicious combination of opposite sides of the spectrum. Spoon this mixture into your life.


DAY – THE MAGICIAN. Keywords: Illusions, Deception, and Charm. This card comes with a money-back guarantee! The Magician is a very charming person who can sell snowballs to people in Alaska. However, do not be fooled by this smooth-talking, well-dressed person of magical treats. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. EVENING – THE WORLD. Keywords: Great Achievement, Dreams Realized, and End of Journey. Finally, you have it all—the white picket fence with the dog running around in the yard. For many years you wanted to keep up with the Joneses, but now they have to keep up with you. It sure does feel good! This stage of your life is completed, so it’s on to the next adventure.

Psychic Note: My heartfelt thanks to Marilyn for lending a guiding hand. She is one of my personal spiritual goddesses.

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