This Week in Tarot: February 5 – 11

The Power of Oracle Cards

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? This week’s reading is for all of those who do last-minute shopping or need inspiration when finding the perfect sentiment to share with a mate or loved ones. I’ll be departing from my usual Tarot reading and instead, I will be using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. They are lovely cards with perfect messages of insight for the week ahead.

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The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards have some interesting features. Other than the keywords I’ve often shared with other Tarot decks, each of these oracle cards includes a color and a mantra. The colors and their mantras are as follows:

Red (Root): The base of spine. I AM.
Orange (Acral): Between the navel and genitals. I FEEL.
Yellow (Solar Plexus): Above navel, but below the chest. I DO.
Green (Heart): The center of the chest. I LOVE.
Blue (Throat): The throat area. I SPEAK.
Purple/Indigo (Third eye): The center of the forehead. I SEE.
Neutral/Violet (Crown): The top of the head. I UNDERSTAND.


DAY – SOULMATE (Red). Keywords: Authenticity, treasure, trust. A rose without thorns; it is time to face your true feelings. This card is suggesting that you give the gift of flowers. Roses are always a loving gift, whether you give one or a dozen. Being real makes your loved ones feel treasured, and if you are trustworthy too, you’ve got it made. There are no bad feelings today, and like the rose on this card, the negative energy (thorns) has certainly cleared out. EVENING – FAÇADE (Yellow). Keywords: Recovery, integration, play. Yellow is the color of friendship. Don’t put on a show or cover up your feelings, because the chemistry is there and you both feel it! Therefore, use it wisely. The gift of being real will hit a home run.


DAY – RECOVERY (Purple). Keywords: Genuineness, regeneration, understanding. All the things that have been put before you gave way to amazing lessons of recovery. You’re getting over it, and getting past it. Therefore, the gifts of commitment and acceptance are on the love menu now. EVENING – GROWTH (Green). Keywords: Warrior, peace, courage. Being rooted in a lifestyle that allows for growth is a mixed bag of eagerness. Tonight is where you put the hardest of memories to rest. Take the time needed to make the transition, and the gift you’ll give to loved ones is moving forward.


DAY – INSTINCT (Neutral). Keywords: Instinct, guides, awakening. “Protection” is the word of the day. When you become aware of previously unknown situations, you have the ability to wake up. Therefore, your feelings will certainly guide you to do the right thing. Remember, loyalty is the kind of gift that will certainly last a lifetime. EVENING – RENEWAL (Red). Keywords: Regeneration, awakening, fortune. In a peaceful venue, share words of love with your special person as music begins to play. You are gifting your love with a swooning moment.


DAY – MYSTICISM (Purple). Keywords: Intuition, courage, uncharted. Midweek magic gets you closer to the weekend and Valentine’s Day with dreams of plans to make something special happen. Therefore, look at your loved one and without asking, delve into their heart and find a gift worthy of the love you feel. EVENING – GRATITUDE (Purple). Keywords: Appreciation, recognition, esteem. With gratitude, you rise. The love shared is certainly more than enough to keep life going. Purple is the color of royalty. Therefore, you should make your special person feel like the king or queen they are by finding something purple to gift them with.


DAY – SERVICE (Orange). Keywords: Strength, compassion, loyalty. Without service in the world there would be no evolution, because service is the most important gift you can give. After all, we get what we give. This definitely keeps the karmic circle of service going. EVENING – ACCEPTANCE (Red) Keywords: Luck, knowledge, manifesting. It is indeed a gracious act to accept what others have to offer. However, some find it hard to accept gifts or service from others. Tonight, think about how you see yourself, envisioning a box of self-acceptance. When you open it, smile and pass it on to your love.


DAY – DESTINY (Neutral). Keywords: Love, path, faith. As a couple, the strength of each of you is doubled by the love you certainly share. Therefore, with love vibrating through the both of you, the gift of affirming that you will share “forever” together makes this Friday one to remember. EVENING – MIRACLE (Yellow). Keywords: Integrity, gifts, reward. No need for flashlights! The bright glow of love is all that is needed to see how fortunate you truly are. The gift of morality is also the glue that absolutely holds your love together.


DAY – PERSEVERANCE (Orange). Keywords: Success, miracles, steadfast. Listening to your partner is a gift that brings you understanding. Their insistence certainly makes sense. However, timing is everything. EVENING – PASSION (Orange). Keywords: Royalty, passion, bravery. Oh how you can suffer from love lost! However, this card of passion is also one of great strength. In order for any of us to have passion, we certainly must have suffered in life at some point. But passion is also happiness, so give the gift of passion.

2 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: February 5 – 11

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Doneen,
      I have a 3 part way to insure that love comes your way.
      1. define what you want the person to be like, details are important
      2. meditate/or pray about the it.
      3. take action….

      may love come to you soon.

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