This Week in Tarot: December 18 – 24

The Power of Tarot

Numbers make the world go round and there is nothing in life that does not include the magic of numbers. From cooking to figuring out a budget, every day we encounter situations where numbers accommodate us with solutions. Therefore, I’m delighted to bring these new cards to your attention. They’re called Numerology Guidance Cards. So, let’s take a journey into the meaning of numbers with this new Tarot deck!

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SPIRITUAL PARTNERSHIP #27. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and this partnership is based on a deeply spiritual vibration. Where the merging of the people becomes bigger than life, the connection is dazzling.

Affirmation: Through a sacred spiritual relationship, I deepen my connection to Source.

In the evening, INTUITION #22. This card calls upon us to look at our inner vibrations emotionally rather than logically. It means that you are in tune with the essence of the master builder. Therefore, whatever you are working on you should not back down from.

Affirmation: My intuition leads me to where I need to be.


PERSEVERANCE #4. A strong foundation is in the making, so keep moving with the determination you know you have. This is a time to make dreams come true.

Affirmation: With perseverance and persistence, I create an exceptional life.

In the evening, HEALING #66. Having the ability to make life better for those you love and yourself is one of your gifts. The double sixes represent flexibility, so this is a time to pull your healing ways out of the bag. You can use reiki, massage, meditation and more. These are just some of your many talents.

Affirmation: As I heal myself and others, I raise the vibrations of the world.


LOVE #6. At this time we are being asked to speak about love from our hearts. Therefore, you need to take a good look at what is wanted and how to gain a solid relationship. Getting rid of the negative feelings of not being good enough is a must.

Affirmation: I see through the eyes of love, and attract more love into my life.

In the evening, NEW BEGINNINGS #1. As you unwind from a busy day, the thoughts of a fresh start enter your mind. Your vision is clear, and you see things as they are. You envision a new venture in your future, but you should also consider relationships, creative projects, health and finance.

Affirmation: I embrace new beginnings and make my dreams come true.


CHANGE #5. This number is hump day in action. Therefore, you need to fasten your seat belt, because the ride could be bumpy. What you accomplish today is due to the hard work from days before. Whatever changes manifest are direct results of karmic causes that were in the works.

Affirmation: I accept and surrender to the changes that improve the quality of my life.

In the evening, COMMUNICATION #33. If you listen and pay attention, the answers will come to you in the still of the night as whispers from the spirits. They are the master teachers, and through your meditative mind you can communicate without speaking, as a result. If you send the best thoughts out into the universe, like a boomerang, the best comes back.

Affirmation: By communicating my truth, I create a healthy, harmonious life.


FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS #85. There are no expectations and no disappointments when you realize that without a doubt, your path is solid and you can walk, run or fly to the goal. It is going to happen! As a result, this is time for harmony.

Affirmation: I lead others, and in turn, serve a higher purpose.

In the evening, MANIFESTATION #8. Before you are many roads, and each road has a different purpose and a different nature. So, when you close your eyes tonight, you will have come to the end of a journey because your dreams have come true.

Affirmation: I use my thoughts to make my dreams come true.


EFFORT #13. Before enlightenment, you must chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, you still need to chop wood and carry water, because life is a continuum of efforts. Today, tests will appear on your path, but if you make an effort, you will certainly get through the day with rewards. Under those circumstances you should avoid being lazy.

Affirmation: With optimism, faith and courage I overcome my challenges.

In the evening, RELATIONSHIP CHANGE #56. This is the final effort to save or end a relationship that has been on the fence for too long. The mind is awake, restless and uncomfortable in the midst of this vibration, and filled with heartfelt twinges. Therefore, it’s important to sleep on your options. The answer will come.

Affirmation: My relationships grow and evolve for the greater good of all.


PARENTING #63. With or without children to parent, you are a natural at encouraging others. This ability to share, comfort and transmit knowledge is a great gift, so be sure to use it wisely.

Affirmation: I love and nurture children (and all people) and make the world a brighter place.

In the evening, PERSONAL GROWTH #7. Tonight’s a night for realizing who you are and how far you have come. You realize your journey was worth the effort.

Affirmation: As I improve myself, I improve the circumstances of my life.

8 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: December 18 – 24

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Denisha,
      Always so wonderful to see you in the Blogs.
      Have an incredible New Year.

  1. Brian Ferron

    What was wondering if I could get a straight answer on a relationship with Melissa birthday September 24th 1978. Mine February 1st 1968 Brian. Listen ships on the fence I’d like to know what it looks like or what I should be doing thank you

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Brian,
      Sounds to me like you need a private reading.
      There were some opportunities that were positive on your path, this 2016. Next year you will be building a new foundation.
      Melissa is going to be quite and introspective. Be mindful of her need for privacy.
      And again, I suggest a reading with a love expert.

  2. Kathy

    My eyes almost popped out of my head when I read the beginning of this post. The number 27 has been following me around for the past month, everywhere…on receipts, in the license plate of every car near me at stoplights, in addresses, and phone numbers, etc. I’ll be keeping my eyes open today to see how this will apply to my life.


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