The Psychic Path

How does the gift of intuition end up becoming one’s life work? One of our newest psychics came to the conclusion that they were meant to be a professional intuitive during very different pivotal moments in life. Their unique experiences encouraged their decisions to pursue a career in metaphysics – some had even been working in other professions while dabbling with their psychic gifts.

One of the more unusual stories occurred in the corporate world where Abrielle ext. 9894 was a human resources consultant. She had just conducted a strategic planning session with a company’s management team, when she was called in to the vice president’s office. “I was told, rather mysteriously, that the executive wanted to speak to me – ASAP. I was understandably nervous. Had I upset someone during the session? Was the strategy I had presented faulty?” Abrielle didn’t have a clue as to what had gone wrong, she remembers. But once inside the office, the top executive flashed a big smile at her and announced, “You are psychic!”

“Those words changed my life!” Abrielle reveals. She was relieved, rather than shocked, as others had made the pronouncement to her in the past. “The VP told me that the only way I could have unknowingly revealed top secret information in my presentation, was because I am psychic.” From that moment on Abrielle began doing readings – mixing her business acumen with her psychic senses – making a positive, caring contribution to the world doing work that she says she finds thrilling.

Though each and every one of these “intuitives” knew from early childhood that they had a special consciousness that most other people did not have (or were not aware of), they say, it took a great deal of belief in their gifts, study and practice to become the professionals they are today. It was just like preparing for any other career, they say.

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