The Magician Tarot Card

On the count of 3, make a wish…

The Magician is a magical card and when it appears upright in a spread it indicates that something new is being created! It could be a new baby, a new direction in life, a new idea coming to life — anything the magician (you!) decides to use his power. We as human beings hold a significant amount of power which is why this card shows a man holding a wand up toward the sky. We are able to create anything we can think up — ask and you shall receive. This is a good time to use positive visualization to focus on our goals and boost your faith in your abilities.

Your skills in organization and money management will become quite useful at this time. Future financial success will most likely present itself when this card appears. You should sharpen your observations of the world around you so you don’t miss good opportunities and chance encounters. Embrace this time with enthusiasm and positivity!

When the Magician appears reversed, it could mean that you are blind to your unlimited potential. You may be hiding or unaware of an innate talent or gift. It could also describe a situation which isn’t coming to fruition or is being stunted by lack of enthusiasm and faith.

In relationships, a reversed Magician may mean that you and your partner could have wonderful physical chemistry, but the emotional aspect isn’t growing. You should examine your own behavior to see what’s missing. Remember to use all of your tools — most importantly, your own mind!

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