This Week in Tarot: January 1 – 7

 The Power of Tarot

Happy New Year! I am delighted to share with you this beautiful deck of Oracle cards, called “Earth Magic.” By saying a prayer to bring knowledge and light to us through Spirit, I certainly hope you find healing and blessings in This Week in Tarot.

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DANCE – Meaning CELEBRATION. Movement is woven into the joy of life. If you dance, do yoga, tai chi, or any of the other forms of movement that allows you to celebrate your body, mind and spirit, you will surely become centered and balanced. When you move with mindfulness, the movement becomes a form of meditation. In the evening, CRYSTALS – Meaning FOCUS. Your vision is crystal clear and a new life is evolving this year. You are focused, on point and have hit your stride, and being alert truly elevates your awareness.


LOTUS FLOWER – Meaning UNFOLDMENT. It’s time to open up to all that life has to offer you, because there is a rejuvenating pattern being shown to you through this card and as life unfolds with all its wonder, a newfound strength in your personal faith emerges. In the evening, RIVER – Meaning MOVEMENT. “Observation” is the word of the day. Life moves in many directions, and there’s a compelling vibration asking you to pick a path—perhaps an unbeaten one. Be assured that this new path will have you cruising with ease.


MEADOW – Meaning VULNERABILITY. Wide-open spaces filled with flowers and beauty. This vibration softens you and you find that it’s okay to show your feelings. In fact, taking a risk will bring out the true you. In the evening, EAGLE – Meaning COMMUNION. The spirit of the eagle is one of great nobility. Dealing with others and looking within will help you find a connectedness. By doing eye-open meditation or chanting, the dissolving of negative energy leaves and you find yourself in the flow of the unspoken word.


TSUNAMI – Meaning WAKE-UP CALL. Midweek awareness check. Be sure to get your bank accounts in order, update your calendar and make sure all the information you are dealing with is correct. This card is one of change, and without preparation, you’ll feel stunned. In the evening, MILKY WAY – Meaning PERSPECTIVE. Breathe deep, because there is plenty of air to fill your lungs and purify your body. Looking over your shoulder at the past you see how changing your thinking will change your life. Old, worn out ways of looking at life have become attachments. Instead, detach and move ahead, because, in fact, this is a refreshing time for us all.


CAVE – Meaning SANCTUARY. Today you’re thinking about the changes you want to make within your dwellings. Home is where the heart is and if there are experiences that are unnerving, it is time to clean house. Therefore, look around the environment in which you work and within your means of transportation. Positive changes will make you feel safe and protected. Likewise, today is also a good day to clean out your altar. In the evening, WOLF – Meaning INSTINCT. A need to protect arises and you hear the call to manifest control. With razor-sharp instincts and the motto of “Do no harm,” you listen, understand, and fix the issues, accordingly. The loyalty of the wolf spirit makes you a strong person.


SHAMAN – Meaning ANCIENT HEALING WISDOM. When the spirit fails to strengthen us, we call our psychic readers to get some of that wonderful wisdom to rebuild. Today you certainly will be called upon to help show someone who is lost how to find their way. However, if you are feeling lost by the end of the day, the right person will be your guide to understanding and overcoming whatever your spirit needs. In the evening, MUSIC – Meaning HARMONY. Music creates togetherness and through it we can rejoice, remember, go back in time and also move forward. Not only does music convey stories, it also sets vibrations off into the universe that elevate our level of compassion and communication.


CLOUDS – Meaning SHAPESHIFTING. Is it time to go shopping for new clothes, change your appearance or update your look? Today is indeed the day for that makeover you have been wanting to do. In fact, we are like the clouds and can change our look with a smile, so “self-expression” is the word of the day. In the evening, DRAGONFLY – Meaning EMERGENCE. This is a time of intense awareness as you emerge into the next cycle of life, but you need to adjust your thoughts in order to mature. Today, you worked on your outer appearance. Tonight you’ll surely work on your inside. The awakening certainly comes later.

10 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: January 1 – 7

  1. Michael D Sperry

    Dear Quinn,
    I just wanted to thank you, as I read your words a blanket of Happiness and security gently covered me… I haven’t felt that so strongly since I was a young boy….
    I love what you do.

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Dear Michael,
      WoW – a blanket of happiness. Love your kind words. I feel ya.
      You are so kind.
      Blessings Always,

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Dear Mark,
      HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too. Thank you for being part of the blogs, here at CP we love our readers.

  2. Susan Cerrito

    I have someone who needs help getting back to the united States. I’m supposed to go help him raise his daughter. I’m scared to send the money what should I do?

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Susan,
      You are mindful of the situation, this is a good thing. Stay true to your intuition.
      Helping others is a beautiful thing – when you feel scared about that it is a red flag, you know 😉 stay aware.
      Many Blessings,

  3. Muhammad Anwer Javed Akhter

    You knowledge based e mail is wonderful guidance and service to humanity. This a great job. It’s reward is with Almighty God.HAPPY NEW YEAR.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Dear Muhammad,
      I humbly thank you for your kind words. HAPPY NEW YEAR and may all your goals for the new year manifest to the fullest.
      Many Blessings,

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