This Week in Tarot: April 30 – May 6

The Power of Tarot

Love is one topic we never get tired of. I am a true believer in the famous quote “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Knowing the greatest love of all is within ourselves is a good place to start our weekly tarot reading.

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Through The Psychic Tarot for the Heart deck, we will explore self-love, love for others as well as how to love life. As you look at each day’s cards, think of ways in which you can improve upon your emotional intelligence. By doing so, your level of empathy will grow, and your ability to articulate how you feel will become easier, making for better communication especially within your love life. The Major cards have affirmations; the Minor cards have keywords. Here is your week in tarot!


DAY – SEEK. Affirmation: I take time for solitude and introspection. Don’t lose perspective. Keeping yourself the center of your world makes you stronger, and there is no need to look outside yourself for happiness. Many times, getting caught up in wanting love, wanting a relationship or making a relationship your reason for living will limit your energy source and drain you. Remember “There can’t be a we without me.” This card is showing us that it’s time for a break. Meditation and rest will certainly renew your vitality. EVENING – OPEN UP. Keywords: Withdrawal, blocks, control, release. There are times in life when memories knock us off balance. Then blocks occur when one isn’t open to working on letting go of the past. If you find yourself shutting down, you know there are blocks that need to be removed in order to be open to receiving all the good you deserve.


DAY – CHALLENGING TIMES. Keywords: Ego, conflict, challenges, competition. Hard times are in the air and communication can be quite the task. When the ego gets in the way by wanting to build itself up at a cost to others, trouble can manifest. Take a step back, look at the situation and with mindfulness think before you speak. If you do, you will find solutions rather than fights. EVENING – NURTURE. Affirmation: I shower all my relationships with loving attention and watch them blossom.Taking care of the issues at hand is of the utmost importance. Tonight, make a plan rather than avoid responsibilities. Before you end the night, count your blessings and most of all, give thanks to those you love for being in your life.


DAY – SUCCESS & GROWTH. Keywords: Accomplishments, speed, resolution, progress. Success is at your fingertips. Today is a one of those days when all goes well and enjoying the moment seems very natural. Having peace of mind allows for growth to take place and you certainly find this to be a period of greater understanding. EVENING – MOVE. Affirmation: I take charge of my relationships. Tonight is a time to think about how you can be more proactive. It is also about finding love or making a relationship stronger and more grounded. Being the master of your own destiny includes your relationships. Waiting for others to come to you can weaken the connection and pass you by.


DAY –  BLOSSOM. Affirmation: I awake to the beauty of relationships that nurture me. Love is like a flower. First there’s the seed, then the sprout, and then the flower appears. Therefore, this day is one of great love. It’s a day of blooming, with an open heart ready for life’s adventures. Looking at your life, you see your love for the work you do, the people you know and the good fortune you’ve grown. EVENING – COMING TOGETHER. Keywords: Harmony, romance, healing, commitment. New lover alert! This card shows new love is coming. Dream of your partner, let your mind go and open up to a passionate relationship. If you’re in a relationship, it certainly gets a kick from this energy and you find the complacent vibration is washed away. Know that there is a oneness in the universe and give thanks as you pull in the warm, loving vibrations.

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DAY – TAKE THE LEAD. Keywords: Enthusiasm, initiative, grounding, creativity. Be Bold! Speak up and go for what you want. If you are waiting for the other person, it will be a long time coming. Therefore, take command and you will achieve your goal to get the person you want. Those who are in relationships that seem to be simmering on the back burner, it is time to turn up the heat and move up front. Passion is hot and this is a go-for-it moment. EVENING – TEACH. Affirmation: In matters of the heart, I offer what I know, learn what I don’t know, and remain true to myself. Give and take, this card tells us to share the wealth of knowledge and listen to the thoughts and ideas of others. It is a time to be helpful and allow others to help you. Be gentle.


DAY – NEW VITALITY. Keywords: Revitalize, focus, enthusiasm, joy. The weekend is here at last! The workday begins on a good note, and it will also end on a good note. Your energy is soaring and there is certainly no time like the present to focus on what you want to do over the next few days. EVENING – LOVE ABOUNDS. Keywords: Trust, optimism, open, radiate. Make yourself available to help someone you love. Know that you can be trusted in all aspects of any relationship, and your focus is projecting outward, showering those you love with happiness. You light up a room, and like a moth to the flame you are able to attract your dreams and wishes.


DAY –  DREAMS COMING TRUE. Keywords: Contentment, receive, gratitude, indulgence. Relax, sit back and enjoy the life you have created. The universe gave you the tools and you put them to good use to build a strong foundation. Keeping up the good work will keep your life stable. Being clear about what you want is certainly important, therefore make a new list as your old one has been completed. Indulge yourself. EVENING – MANIFEST. Affirmation: I use my power to manifest deliberately and with clear intent. At this time, you hold the power in your hands. You are ready to make things happen. It is a time of great dreams turning into reality. Therefore, speak kindly, act with compassion, and use the tools you have gathered to see your visions come to light.

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