Riches by Sign

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to attract money like a magnet, and others have to scrounge for every nickel that comes their way? For most of us, work and money go hand in hand. Some people live to work, while others simply work to live.

Money may be a necessary evil, but are we astrologically predisposed to our methods of making and managing our financial well-being? A closer look at your Sun sign may help to shine a little light on the situation.

Earth Signs
Plant a seed, and it will grow
Earth signs are known for their practical nature, which is firmly rooted in common sense. Their patient methodology and inherent need for stability often plays a significant part in their career and financial success. Ever the conservative, the Earth signs, regardless of their pay scale, are born knowing how to save. When the stocks are down and the economy is being squeezed, the Earth signs may cry poor, but chances are good that they have a moderate roll of bills tucked away in their sock drawer.

Taurus is the executive of the Earth sign bunch – the ones most likely to iron and frame their first dollar bill. They love money and the things that it can buy, and will collect both with a sense of strategy. Virgo tends to be the workaholic. Their discipline flows from their work choice directly to their precise and detailed checkbook ledger. While Virgos may know where every penny has been invested or spent, it is Capricorn who gets the shrewd award. Capricorns make money to keep it, and watch it multiply. They are likely to climb the ladder of success in their chosen field, simply so that they can buy the company.

Air Signs
Easy come, easy go
The intellectual and logical traits of Air are often lost in the breeze when it comes to managing their financial plane. They believe that money is made to be spent. Money of itself holds little value to an Air sign, except that it gives freedom to shop and share. Because work is yet another social arena, Air signs do well in negotiating their pay and position, although they are willing to sacrifice cash in order to achieve personal satisfaction.

Gemini is an accounting nightmare whose impulse spending could fill a store. Their credit card balances aren’t incentive to work harder, simply a reason to negotiate (and get!) a little more. Their diversity and love of power keeps them moving in their career path(s), creating an image that success comes easy, even if unpaid bills clutter the desk. When it comes to budgeting, Libra is the best of the Air sign bunch. Well, at least they know what one is. Their love of luxury and the finest things leads then to a career path that allows for self-expression, and is likely to put them in the spotlight – a blessing to their wallets. The oddball of the Air sign group has to be Aquarius. These idealistic, humanitarian sorts are primarily interested in the freedom that money brings. They may tuck away a bill or two if required for their plans, but are just as likely to give it away to a friend or cause in need of a helping hand.

Fire Signs
Gotta have it
Money in the hands of a Fire sign is likely to go up in smoke. Patience and restraint aren’t characteristics of this hot-headed bunch, but their passion to achieve often comes in as their saving grace. Not lacking in energy or ambition, the Fire signs tend to race (or bully) their way to the front, and being the boss typically results in generating more cash. Fire signs like money, the things that it can buy, and the power that it represents.

Aries can be a competitive super-achiever, who thrives on creating success. Never one to be in second place, they tend to make money as a by-product of their ambition. Their selfish side can lead to financial chaos, as their spending habits can quickly get out of control. Fortunately, their creative independence tends to be profitable enough that they can eventually clean up their own mess. Luxury-minded Leo is as good at making money as they are spending it. Even though they are quick to whip out a credit card for a comfort shopping spree, every cent is accounted for, and their next paycheck is already on the way. When it comes to cash, Sagittarius certainly lives in the now. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of success, Sag knows that more money can be made, even when they don’t know exactly where or how. What matters most to this Fire sign isn’t money, but the freedom it can buy – for them, money that translates into an experience is worth every dime.

Water Signs
What does money mean?
The Water signs are the most diversified group when it comes to money, and making it. Always ruled by their emotions, each Water sign displays their own thoughts and feelings when it comes to money and career.

Cancer is willing to work hard for every dollar they have, and even harder to keep it. For them, money is the unfailing security blanket, and their industrious I’ll-do-it-myself attitude has created more than one millionaire whose wallet is in pristine condition – because it is rarely opened. Secretive Scorpio always has a plan, and knows that money equals power. Through quiet calculation, Scorpio will manipulate their career path to get where they want to be, and will stretch a dime as far as a dollar, carefully planning for their chosen luxuries. Pisces typically prefers to be behind the scenes, and often is the starving artist. While they do like their creature comforts, this sign is adept at living within their fluctuating means. For them, money really isn’t worth the paper it’s written on – it’s just another one of those mundane, earthly things.

Money can’t buy you love
Some people say that money can’t buy happiness, while others say that if that’s your viewpoint, you obviously don’t know where to shop! Money, or the lack thereof, affects all of us in some fashion – every day. Just ask someone who doesn’t have any. Circumstances, as well as portfolios, have a tendency to ebb and flow. Money may rule our world in some fashion by dictating our freedom and levels of comfort, but the one thing it can never do (unless we let it) is to define who we are. Money doesn’t make us – we make money. Astrologically speaking, we all have a shot to achieve our financial goals. If you hate what you do, or can’t seem to make ends meet, maybe it’s time to call on the stars.

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