Psychics Who Made History

Opening today in theaters across the US, The Men Who Stare at Goats chronicles the story of a group of psychic soldiers working the post 9-11 Middle East. Starring George Clooney and Ewan McGregor, this comedy is said to border on farce, but the story that inspired it is actually true. The use of psychics and paranormal phenomena has been documented in US Intelligence. And the Military isn’t the only organization to benefit from otherworldly talents.

Here are three famous instances of psychics influencing history!

Operation Stargate
Part of the program by which The Men Who Stare at Goats was inspired, Operation Stargate was a CIA mission that began in 1978 and lasted for 20 years. In the program, a group of psychics practiced remote viewing to search for high profile people (from the Americans held prisoner during the Iran hostage crisis to Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi) and items, like plutonium in North Korea. While the program has since ended it did have its successes, specifically leading to the return of kidnapped US Army Brigadeer General James L. Dozier in 1988.

Presidential advisors
While the Reagans’ use of clairvoyants and astrologers is well-known, there’s actually a much longer tradition of psychics in The White House… in fact it pre-dates The White House itself! For starters, according to reports published in The National Tribune, George Washington himself claimed to have seen an apparition of a woman who foretold the birth, progress and future of the United States in 1778. Later, Abraham Lincoln not only consulted oracles (who told him at age 22 that he would become president), but foresaw his own death in dreams. Years later, Woodrow Wilson sought psychic counsel in an effort to uncover when he would die during his presidency (which ran from 1913-1921). And Franklin D. Roosevelt reportedly consulted with a clairvoyant regarding post WWII international relations.

The corporate clairvoyant
While she doesn’t refer to herself as a psychic (rather, she’s a self-described “intuitive”), Laura Day earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year (if not more) as a consultant to celebrities, organizations and corporations by offering not just a taste of her reportedly astounding personal insight, but guidance on how her clients can tap into their own intuition. From Hollywood agencies and studios selecting clients and material, to Silicon Valley Tech firms developing new projects to Manhattan attorneys who need help selecting juries, Day is at the forefront of psychic rebranding helping to increase acceptance of the trade with the practical application of her talents. Translation? She’s a real life Mentalist who notices every detail of every situation — only unlike the fictional character on TV, she fully believes in the innate ability of people to use their instincts to reshape their destinies and their company’s bottom line! She even trains The Harvard Business School Network of Women Alumnae to use their sixth sense!

Have you read Laura Day? Share your thoughts on applying her advice… or any other psychic counsel!

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