Rewire Your Anxious Mind

There are two basic types of fear. Specific and global. Specific fear relates to any situation that has your attention and requires a resolution. It has been said that anxiety is always a call to action. Global fear is a bit different and requires some mental and emotional re-framing. Global fear is defined as a general sense of anxiety that has no specific focus. Everything is viewed as a threat to one’s well-being. Often this habit comes from another lifetime–almost always reinforced by some variety of childhood stress. Remember, energetically fear and anger are a Martian energy, emanating from the solar plexus, just below the breastbone, just below the heart chakra. This energy is connected to the adrenal glands and clearly explains why people who live in a continuous state of fear eventually suffer from adrenal exhaustion. Fortunately, there IS a solution.

This takes us back to the RE-FRAMING of the mind. As stated before, the mind controls our perception of reality, therefore the mind controls our reality. Scientists are now pretty much in agreement that mind also controls matter. On a sub-atomic level that has actually been demonstrated. 

We all know the drill. There is fear OR there is love. Forget about the circumstances of your drama. We are NOT our pain. We are not what has happened to us. We are what we choose to become (JUNG). We created the fear HABIT. Now we can create the COURAGE habit. Need some help? Check out Richard Bandler’s book, Getting The Life You Want. I have repeated this line to so many people, “The universe will always bring you what you fear, to teach you to grow beyond it.” So, fear nothing. Want everything, and the Universe will comply. Trust me. It works.

14 thoughts on “Rewire Your Anxious Mind

  1. marialaloca77Mariah

    I truly enjoyed learning the difference in how Fear is described. I’ve noticed that for the past 5-6 years I’ve had Specific Fear. When certain energies that create an anxiety so great! It makes one odd & off balance, weird even. It’s awkward to be in an awkward place. To feel out of your comfort zone & not blend in. To once be in control to confront any situation with confidence almost seems like a part of the past. Yet it doesn’t help to be put on Blast over & over again of ones faults, ones stupidest as one perceives it is more like ones own choice of opting out from Social gatherings that could most likely had been the ones that embedded this Fear in the 1st place. Yet this energy wave, I feel it, hear it, pass by it all the time. It’s almost like it creeps up on me. I enjoy this article because it just reconfirms what I already know, it’s applying it the ultimate challenge. Re-FRAMING THE MIND pretty much sums it up. To have the mind register this false fear needs some fine tuning. I need to overcome these spurts of Social Anxiety. It really SUXXX!

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  9. Tami

    Thank you Phillip, 2009 has been particularly rough. A few bad financial decisions coupled with a slow economy banded together and attacked with a vengeance. Trying to sleep, re-organize and get back on track is a daily challenge. Praying for a happy ending to 2009 on my New Year’s Eve birthday and a better 2010. Iwill keep reading!

  10. Joanne Carson

    I liked the article – you know many people perceive me as having no confidence, as I am so “Not Ready” to take on new challenges at work or other places in my life. Especially a problem at work….I’ve told a few people = “You know it’s not that I have no self confidence or question my ability -BUT, BUT…I have been through so many trials in the past few years (husband 3 heart attacks, me 6 surgeries, divorce etc.) I have no energy left to be up for ANOTHER CHALLENGE. Please tell me more of the adrenal exhaustion – as that may be my cure.

  11. Ceile

    Frear, panic is not when or where it is happening. That is only a trigger to something deep rooted! I try to conquer fear by staying in REAL TIME! Now! I used to focus on the pain of the past. But, now I quickly bring myself back to todays moment, so I don’t miss it dwelling on what has happened and cannot be changed. Only today we can make choice of how we want to live now and to build our future. Create what we want in our minds and move forward, before it’s too late and we make more regrets to ponder on! Live Happy! Smile! Be optimistic. Everything changes minute to minute. We have choices!

  12. Liz

    Thank you! I am one of those people that lives with anxiety; but I know see that there is other ways I can look and deal with my fear. In a less emotional way. Please don’t forget to pray for our Soldiers, specially today on “Veterans Day” for they do it so that others can live in peace.

  13. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I think this is a very timely article. Thank you so much, Phillip. I think it was excellent.
    After seeing what happened, near Austin, Texas, at Fort Hood, I have to admit, I prayed really hard and, not only for our country, but for my loved ones. I cried for our nation as this was a moment of “fear” for sure. I am sure other people felt it, too. It was a natural reaction. I think it made a lot of us feel the “Spirit of fear.”
    God bless those who lost their life the other day Fort Hood.
    What I am saying is situations like those can create Fear in a lot of people. And of all places? Yikes.
    On another note, we all have to resist the desire to worry…….I agree that what you suggest, here, is a perfect remedy to not only put out positive energy, but a natural comforting way to block these kinds of attacks. And I see them as attacks, attacks that we let happen to ourself. However, what you suggest is a very creative, positive and unique way to combat the spirit of fear.
    By putting positive affirmations out there, into the universe, is not only a release, but a protection and shield.
    As far as working with clients, some of the things I see a lot, is, people worrying too much what other people think. I always tell my clients, use it as fuel-The more they tell you that you can’t, you say, “Yes I can!” Use it as a motivation. Believe me, a lot of my super successful clients feed off of this type of challenge. I always say, the more they put me down, the harder I work on myself. A super successful capricorn in my family taught me that when I was a teenager.
    It works. Great article.
    Miss Krystal

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Phillip,
    Great article, my dear.
    NeuroSurgeons and Psychiatrists also now say it is even physically possible to re-wire the brain…..thru a change in one’s thinking and actions… has to do with creating new neuropathways.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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