Psychic Zariya: How I Experience Psychic Energies

A Clairsentient Psychic

Have you ever read with a clairsentient psychic like Psychic Zariya? She has the ability to sense or feel the subtlest psychic energies. She also uses her body as a psychic receptor, and convey the messages from Spirit that matter most to you! We sat down with Psychic Zariya to learn about life as a clairsentient, and the benefits of a clairsentient reading. Here’s what she had to say.

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1. What does it mean to be clairsentient?

Clairsentience, or the “feeling” sense, is a way of innately “knowing.” When channeling psychic energies, my clairsentient abilities are somatic (physical body sensations), and my emotional state is heightened. Stronger emotions and physical sensations can certainly feel overwhelming and even crazy making to someone who has yet to learn how to harness these powers. However, to be an effective and accurate clairsentient psychic, one must distinguish their energy from another energy through healthy boundaries and protection from the higher power.

2. Clairsentients feel others’ emotions from the past and future. How can this affect a reading?

Emotions and thoughts, like all energy, set a path of motion for a series of events to unfold. A clairsentient psychic can interpret these events and also their likely outcomes based on reading karmic energy, emotions and bodily sensations. Some emotions flow, which indicates movement. However, other emotions feel stuck, causing stagnation, delay and in some cases, sabotage. The key to navigating this terrain is understanding that emotions cycle through a birth and a death phase. Therefore, attempting to attach to any one emotional state proves futile. You certainly must stay open to the ever-changing tides to receive powerful messages.

3. What are some challenges you experience with your ability in your daily life?

I spend a lot time alone in order to keep my channels clear and uncluttered. I must maintain a steady and consistent yoga and meditation practice as well as a healthy diet. Some friends and family don’t always understand why I must prioritize these things and I certainly feel left out of life sometimes. I have to work harder than most, I imagine, to balance personal relationships. Otherwise I find myself too involved in others’ emotions when I am trying “not” to be psychic.

4. How does your ability help you in your daily life?

I have learned the importance of healthy boundaries and clear communication in my relationships. I value plenty of sleep and tuning into the power of symbols and dreams. Also, I pay attention to messages from my guides throughout the day, and I trust my own feelings and gut instincts without hesitation. I make decisions that I can stand by—living fully and without regret. In addition, I can always feel when someone I’m close to is not being completely honest with me or with himself or herself. This creates many opportunities for healing and clarity.

5. What type of questions should a caller ask a clairsentient?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Are my emotions aligning me with my highest good?
  2. Can you help me clarify the feelings I am experiencing right now?
  3. How does my partner feel about me right now?
  4. My partner and I are at a crossroads. Do we stay together or should we maybe move apart?
  5. Am I acting from a place of truth or because of fear?
  6. Why does my life feel so out of balance?
  7. What energy should I tune into to empower myself?
  8. Am I focusing on the right area of my life?
  9. Can you foresee a potential blind spot?
  10. How can I avoid repeating negative behaviors?
  11. How can I increase my psychic awareness?
  12. What can I surrender to find deeper meaning and peace of mind?

We hope you’ve enjoyed Psychic Zariya’s insights. If you’ve read with her before, feel free to comment below, because we’d really love to hear your feedback!

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