Psychic Word: Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to read and tune into an object so that you can give details about it, its owners, and its history.

Many mediums use Psychometry as a means to obtaining a link with the person for whom they’re reading. The object gives them a focus to help them to sharpen and heighten their abilities. Police investigations have used psychometrists to work with items belonging to victims — or clues left at crime scenes to try and identify criminals and solve crimes.

The term psychometric was coined in 1842 by an American physician and scientist, J Rhodes Buchanan who spent a large part of his life exploring psychic phenomenon. He made the word from the Greek words Psyche, meaning soul and Metron meaning measure. As such, a literal translation would be soul measuring.

Choosing the right object upon which to practice is important — beginners are better off using an object that does not have a mixture of vibrations from a variety of people. Something that is regularly worn or used by the same person is excellent, particularly jewelry, watches or other items that are part of someone’s (almost) daily wardrobe.

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