Psychic Word: Premonition

A Premonition is a forewarning about events that have yet to occur or the receipt of spontaneous knowledge regarding events that have already happened, but would otherwise be unknown to the person seeing or sensing the information. Abraham Lincoln was said to have had a premonition of his own death just days before it occurred. Premonitions also account for many instances wherein people unrelated to crimes offer police information that proves worthwhile.

Channeled through sensations of anxiety or anticipation within the body or in paranormal visions and vivid dreams, premonitions have similarities to precognitive clairsentience and second sight, however, they may come to those who don’t often receive such psychic messages.

While premonitions may come for a variety of reasons (and sometimes for no reason at all), they are often said to prepare people for highly emotional events, pleasant or unpleasant.

Often described as dreams, gut feelings or moments of clarity – premonitions are often ignored (particularly by the inexperienced) until after the events foreseen have occurred.

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