Psychic Word: Palmistry

Palmistry refers to the art of looking into one’s past, present and future using the significant lines, shape and texture of the hands, fingers and wrists. Palmistry can aid psychics in revealing important information about an individual. Depending on the type of palmistry being practiced, the palmist or psychic looks at various characteristics for answers. The four most common classifications for hand shape are Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, each of which offers distinct implications about the individual. No matter which hand shape a person has however, the three major lines can be interpreted using the following guidelines:

The Heart Line represents matters of the heart, both physically and metaphorically. It is believed to indicate emotional stability and romantic perspectives.

The Life Line represents major life changes. Contrary to common opinion, most palmists do not believe that the length of a person’s life line is related to the length of the person’s life.

The Head line represents a person’s head and the way it works. Specific areas addressed by this line include learning style, communication style, intellectual ability and which side of the brain is dominant.

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