Psychic Timing

“But when…” is a question that pops up in just about every reading I give. Some people believe that timing is everything, while others never have enough time. You can be at the right place at the right time, or at the wrong place at the wrong time. For many, time is money. And there are some who just have too much time on their hands.

So much of life is governed by month, day, hour, and minute. We are ruled by a square on a calendar, the placement of hands on the face of a clock. But, when it comes to predicting time, well… it isn’t always so predictable.

There are many ways, tools and methodologies used to predict an accurate and precise sense of timing in the course of a psychic reading. But no matter which tools I employ, the simple truth is this – there is no guarantee, and I think most other psychics would agree.

Earthly matters
See, here on the Earth-plane, timing is science. It is numbers. But in the psychic realm, time is as fluid as water. It is not constrained by a system or mechanical device. It is an ever-changing essence that is constantly fluctuating, adapting, moving. Like all things, it is energy. And though it would be nice if we were infallible, psychics are not all-knowing gods. Plainly put, the psychic timeline has more to do with the flow and connection of events than it does a month, day or hour – and those are ever-changing. We do the best we can, pull on the resources that we have – but this does not mean we are always going to be spot-on.

Mystical misinterpretation
While the physical tools of the psychic trade are of great assistance in predicting timing, they’re not foolproof. And neither are we – things do get misinterpreted. (Believe me folks, we hate when that happens – probably more than you do.) But while I have no way of knowing for certain, I personally believe that time is different on the spiritual plane. As one who does rely heavily on my spirit guides for much of the information I receive, they exist in flux. My spirit guides transcend plane, space, and time. I think it’s a whole different ball game when you are an entity. Time does not matter to them the way it does to us who are mere mortals – after all, they exist throughout it, whereas our lifespans here are limited.

Power over your own destiny
Sometimes the knowledge that a reading brings is enough to change everything – including the timeline. A person may make different choices, create different actions, or choose inaction as a result of psychic predictions. Readings are based on the moment in time when they are being given. Many things are foreseen, but when a client’s free will kicks in – well, you can’t hold the psychic reader responsible for that. I’ve seen it happen many times.

As an example, if it is predicted that you will meet your lover in July, and you choose to sit on the couch and watch old movies instead of running that errand, going to that party, or attending that event that you normally would have attended – well then, you just changed your own timeline! It does not mean you won’t meet that person. It just means that a new series of events must develop to create the meeting.

In the end, time never stops, and it never stands still. How much or how little of it you have, and how near or far away an event is – in the past or the future – matters, sure, insofar as the story of your life goes, or a chapter within it. What really matters, though, is that the only time that is certain or offers any guarantees is this particular moment. The present. Right now.

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