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To be in a loving relationship you must face your demons and find love for yourself, says Keith ext. 9539, a psychic who can guide you to the path you are meant to take.

This was the lesson Annette (not her real name) eventually learned when she contacted him. The 34-year-old mortgage broker from Ohio wanted to know whether her supposed boyfriend, Bobby, still cared for her.

“I started seeing him about six months ago, but lately he hasn’t been calling me. I am the one who usually has to initiate contact,” she relayed to Keith.

In order to read his client’s emotions, Keith tapped into her voice. He also pulled a card to help him assess the situation – the Hanged Man. According to Keith, Annette was looking at the situation in a topsy-turvy manner. Her perspective was a little bit skewed. “I kept getting that she was the one who truly wasn’t committing,” he recalls. “She’s built up many defenses. I also saw that she’d been married before.”

Annette had married at the age of 18 so she could escape a miserable home life. Initially things were good. Eventually though the relationship became abusive. The next card Keith pulled from the Tarot deck was Death – a card indicating a great transformation on the horizon. “You may think you still want Bobby, but he can’t give you the love you want. It’s the right time to transcend your old patterns and find out what you really can attract into your life, ” he suggested.

Keith felt that a coworker was the man she was supposed to be with. “His name starts with an E? Could it be Eric?” he asked Annette. “Yes. Oh my goodness, you’re good,” Annette responded. “I think he may have a crush on me, but the thing is, I am not attracted to him. Why do you feel we’re a good match?”

Keith saw Eric as a kind, gentle guy, unlike the bad boy types she was used to attracting. “I told her to avoid calling Bobby. If she had an urge to call she should call a friend instead. Why chase someone who doesn’t want you?” the psychic said.

Keith also suggested she read Women Who Love Too Much and How to Be Your Own Best Friend. “I told her that she needed to face her fears and open herself to real love. Love is nutritious. It shouldn’t leave you feeling deprived.”

Five months later, Annette contacted Keith once again.

“I stopped calling Bobby and, surprise! He never called back,” Annette divulged. She spent many solo nights sobbing and journaling and working through the suggested books. Slowly she began to understand her fears and the tears stopped.

Two months ago, Eric asked her out on a date and she agreed. “I’ve never been out with a man like Eric.”  Annette gushed. “He’s attentive and open. I feel like I have a true chance at happiness now. ”

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