Your Partner’s Sun Sign Can Tell You How to Please Them!

Use Their Sun Sign to Please Them!

Unlock the Sexy Secrets of Their Sun Sign!

Whether your relationship is new, old or yet to happen, you can use the sexy secrets of the zodiac to turn up the heat in your love life. Once you test the waters of pleasing your partner by Sun Sign, you’ll likely have them begging for more!

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Sure, there are lots of other sexy secrets hidden in a person’s chart, but all you need to know for this one is a person’s birthday. From kinky Aquarians to classy Capricorns, knowing someone’s Sun Sign can manifest some memorable moments.

Aries (Energy)

Aries love bold, powerful, spontaneous people who exude confidence. Be sure to grab the Ram by the horns and pull them in close and tell them how hot they are. They like that! Then lay a smoldering kiss on this Fire Sign (for starters).

Taurus (Affection)

How do you approach the zodiac’s Bull? With confidence, that’s how. Give them a big hug and a few kisses on the neck and they’ll likely return the favor. Of course, a little gift as a token of your affection is always appreciated as well.

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Gemini (Connection)

If you’re dating the Twins, you’ll need a two-pronged approach—touch and talk are the ways into this Sun Sign’s heart. Spicy words and warm hands will cause them to melt in your arms, especially if your eyes are locked on theirs.

Cancer (Romance)

Cancerians are sensitive, sexual and affectionate creatures. The Crab loves strong, smart and sweet people. Romantic gestures are a turn-on. Turn up the passion and they won’t be able to resist sinking their claws into you.

Leo (Passion)

Make your Lion feel like King (or Queen) of the Jungle by giving them the royal treatment and you’re sure to ignite their prowess in the den. Running your fingers down their back is sure to make this Sun Sign purr (and pounce).

Virgo (Dominion)

Hardly virginal, the Harvest Maiden has an appreciation for hot bods and earthly pleasures. Warm massages and body conscious activities are a turn- on. If you give them free reign over your body, you’ll be pleasing your partner and you’ll probably like it too.

Libra (Seduction)

Who says the Scales aren’t sexy? Only people who don’t know these classic-loving souls, that’s who. Candles, flowers and love notes are small gestures that Librans view as bold and beautiful. This Sun Sign swoons over partners who take charge too.

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Scorpio (Mystery)

Not only do Scorpios love mystery, intrigue and an occasional challenge, they also revel in the naughty, under-the-covers side of life. As the official sign of Halloween, you can satisfy their craving for sweets with a teasing costume or by adding some role-playing into the mix.

Sagittarius (Flirtation)

There’s no better way into the Archer’s heart than through flirtatious behavior—fun and laughs get this Sun Sign’s blood pumping. Sag. also loves the great outdoors, so be sure to soak up the sun with them and then retreat to a tent near the fire. Offer to massage their legs. They’ll love it.

Capricorn (Anticipation)

Fill the air with anticipation of a close encounter and the Goat will passionately respond. Plan an evening that’s somewhat traditional—dinner, wine and dancing—and watch the sexual tension build. If you slip your hand onto their knee and squeeze gently, there will be no words necessary.

Aquarius (Eccentricity)

The Water Bearer loves quirky, kinky, thought-provoking people just like them. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and they’ll keep coming back for more. Impress them enough and they’ll probably wrap their sexy calves around your body just to keep you close.

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Pisces (Teasing)

The Fish like to swim in a deep pool of fantasy. Pisces rules the feet, so asking them to paint your toenails would be a lovely way to get close. It’ll tickle and tease their desire to get closer. Pretty soon this Sun Sign will be inviting you to dive into their watery world.

2 thoughts on “Your Partner’s Sun Sign Can Tell You How to Please Them!

  1. Joanne Allen

    I`m a March 19, 1963 100% Pisces Woman, Gifted Intuitive, Spiritually Aware and Blessed…..I`m very, very feminine, petite and with beautiful small feet, lol. Sexually, as a Pisces, i enjoy pleasing my man as perfectly as i possibly can. But in order for me to want to take care of a man, i require that i am Respected and Loved. I was Married 22yrs, he was my best friend and i have good memories even though the relationship ended in 2010. Still single 4yrs later and very lonely. I`m a very attractive 51yr old woman who prefers men up to 10yrs younger than myself. I`m Praying to God each night to bring me a Good Man to Love. At this moment, i`m talking with a 47yr old VP Of a Software Company. He was also Married 23yrs and is now a Widower of 2yrs. He is a Cancer and he sounds like a Gift from God. He is Alot More than i have been Praying for in a man. All i`ve been Praying for is a Loving man, who is employed, owns a running car, the normal stuff. But this man is Successful, owns 3 Homes, Florida property, Investments and Financial Security. I Pray to God that i don`t screw this one up and if this new man is put into my life to be with me, Please God Allow a Faithful Longterm Love to Form and Survive…..Amen To Jesus My Lord God, Joanne 12/8/14


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