Psychic Predicted John Lennon’s Death

John Lennon’s Early Warning—Fourteen Years Ahead of Time

The world still mourns the loss of Beatle John Lennon — but unbeknownst to many, a psychic warned him of his premature death fourteen years before it occurred. Cynthia Lennon, his wife in the 1960s, recounts the story in her new memoir.

Huliq Reports:

“The psychics’ warnings were almost worse” than what Cynthia Lennon reveals at the end of her book “John.”

“We received dire predictions of plane crashes and other horrendous happenings” that Cynthia Lennon said were related to an influx of psychic warnings that began in 1965 and continued into December 1980 when he was shot and killed.

After more reports that “John would be shot while he was in the States,” Cynthia Lennon goes on to state that “when he left on tour he was frightened and downcast.”

“I was just before eleven, on that terrible December 9 (in England) night, when a supposed fan, Mark Chapman, who had asked John for his autograph earlier that day and exchanged friendly words with him, shot him four times,” Cynthia Lennon writes in her book “John.”

In turn, she writes that “John was hit twice in the back and twice in the shoulder. A fifth bullet missed him. Yoko had been a couple of steps behind him and it must have been appalling for her to witness. John staggered up the six steps outside the Dakota building before he fell. As Yoko screamed for an ambulance, the porter, who knew John well, covered him with his jacket, and then pressed a button that connected him straight to the police. They arrived within a couple of minutes, decided there was no time to wait for an ambulance, carried John to their car and sped him to hospital. John died from massive blood loss shortly after they arrived.”

What do you think—could John Lennon have avoided his early death?

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