Psychic Madeline: Are You Psychic?

You Can Increase Your Powers

Many callers have found it extremely helpful to have a professional psychic assist them in identifying and developing their unique talents. Most people have one dominant psychic ability. However, you can develop your lesser abilities while strengthening your dominant ability.

Let’s say your dominant ability is intuition—that gut feeling that guides you. It can be quite helpful to have other ways of checking your intuition for accuracy. Here are two ways:

1. Be a human pendulum.

Stand up and face north. Make a positive statement: I am a woman. Wait a second or two and you will notice that you sway forward. Now speak an untrue statement: I am a giraffe. Within a few seconds you will sway backwards. The more you play with being a human pendulum the faster you will lean forward and backwards.

2. Teach yourself a new clairvoyant language.

Close your eyes and picture a light way up high. It can be a flashing sign, a star or anything you imagine. Tell yourself this means YES. Now picture a light way down near the ground. Again it can be anything you can quickly imagine. Tell yourself this means NO. If you cannot picture anything, pretend that you can. The more you practice, the more clear it will become. Now close your eyes and speak aloud true statements: I am a woman. I am alive. Then picture the light way up high. Now state untruths: I live in a zoo. I am five years old. Find the light down low in your mind’s eye. The more you play with this, the faster it becomes incredibly accurate.

Ask for Help

The fastest way to increase your power is to ask for help. You have helpers ready and willing to assist you. Ask your guides to talk to you. They work on your behalf so tell them what you want to know. Tell them to present information to you more clearly, louder, closer or in whatever way you need. Ask questions of your guides and listen, feel, see or even muscle test for answers.

Don’t Read for Yourself

If you have as strong emotion about a topic, it can interfere with your ability to get clear information. That’s why most psychics don’t try to read for themselves. We call other psychics who can remain much more impartial to answer our questions.

Create Your Own Language

Create your own psychic language. When I hear a certain song in my head, it means good luck. When I picture money falling from the sky, it means financial gain. When I feel bubbly in my solar plexus, it means happiness. If you play with your abilities joyfully every day, they will continue to increase and who knows, maybe you will come to work with us here at California Psychics!

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  1. Jenn

    Im really trying to believe im a great, giving, very helpful to who ever needs it if its possible i will do or give and help anyone, why is it so hard for me to believe people when they say what great person i am


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