Psychic Kerrigan: Life as an Empath

Understanding Your Emotional State

We’d like to introduce you to Psychic Kerrigan ext. 6245! She’s a talented Empath who feels your feelings as if they were her own. Whether you’re feeling sad, anxious, frustrated or pained, she can tune into your emotional state and bring you healing. We sat down with her and asked her a few questions about life as an Empath and how an empathic reading benefits her callers. We hope you enjoy her insights!

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1. When did you know you were an Empath?

I’ve always known I was special. My mom told me that when the doctors first handed me to her, she raised me up to the gods and declared my life’s work to be helping people find miracles, magic, and balance. I’ve always been precognitive, psychic, or a seer—whatever people call it. It wasn’t until I was older that I heard the term “Empath.”

Growing up, I could always build rapport with others quickly because I knew how they felt. Even while watching movies that were sad, happy or works of fear, I could feel the emotions of the characters. When I was in my thirties someone said the word “Empath,” and I learned it simply meant I could feel what others felt on a very high frequency of energy and emotion.

2. As an Empath, what do most of your callers ask you about?

Most of them ask me about love—the most powerful of all the emotions I feel as an Empath. Love is good. Love is kind. And love can make miracles happen. But sometimes love isn’t always reciprocated, and as a result, we form sacrificial habits. They may occur because another person simply just isn’t on the same level of love that we are, but that doesn’t mean that person doesn’t love us in their own way.

It’s very important to put yourself first—even when it comes to love. The strength of love manifests within us, and we project that strong love. Others do feel it and that’s what draws people to us. But if we lose sight of loving ourselves, we will be out of balance and we will not be able to attract that love energy. If we’re in a relationship and love isn’t reciprocated, then it’s not balanced.

Love yourself first. Put yourself first. Be true to your own feelings. Do all this before you make the true sacrifice of loving someone else totally and completely.

3. How can we take sadness and disappointment and turn them into something positive?

I’d like to share a personal story to answer that question. About four years ago, I was in a romantic relationship that ended badly. I was engaged and being treated for cancer at the same time. One day, my fiance decided that he couldn’t take it anymore. He said that he couldn’t see me go through chemotherapy. He couldn’t handle the sickness or see me lose my hair. It was too hard for him, he said. He walked out the door and I never heard from him again.

Eventually, I started feeling better and when I had the strength I connected to solar energy (the Sun) and I asked Apollo and Diana to bring me someone who would love me, and who I could love in return. I asked for someone who would make me laugh, and who would be financially stable. I wanted someone I could have passion with. Then, I met my husband three weeks later.

The most positive thing I have ever done was tell the Universe what I wanted in a partner. I asked for what I wanted and deserved and I believed I would get it. Then willed it. I saw it and what I got was pure magic. It’s something I want everyone to experience. There is nothing more positive than faith and trust. If you visualize yourself living a better life right now, your life will begin to change for the better as mine did.

4. Why should people get an Empathic reading with you?

My purpose in life is to help others gain clarity and identify the root of any obstacles. All of us are here for a handful of reasons: to love, reciprocate love, help the most people, or learn lessons to advance to their greater selves, while having faith in the universe or a higher power. We are all beacons of light, but people like me choose to walk the old path so others can lean on us while we help them get back on track. In the end, it’s all about love and choosing to walk in the light.

We’d like to thank Psychic Kerrigan for her time and insights! If you’ve read with her, we’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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