Psychic House-Hunting

Locating and buying a house to fit your wish list, your budget, and your needs can be such a challenging process that it can really help to have the assistance of a gifted psychic.

“One couple’s hunt for a dream home on a Washington state island began with a long list of addresses, the wrong real estate agent, and a serious case of doubt that they would both be happy with the move,” Ariel ext. 9775 describes. Her clients worked long and hard, for six months before they arrived at a decision, checking in with Ariel periodically to shortcut their search.

Kate (not her real name) had been reading with Ariel for several months when she admitted that her husband still wasn’t thrilled with the idea of moving back to the island. Jack (not his real name) had even announced to her that he’d rather move to Laguna Beach or San Diego. “But he promised … if I find a place with a charming sea view that he can’t pass up, he won’t deprive me of my dream.”

“I’m still concerned about your real estate agent,” Ariel noted as she began working through the Kate’s latest list of homes to view. Using her abilities and her guides Ariel focused on each house number and Kate’s brief descriptions to access the potential of each home.

“87 Cypress (not the real address) has two bedrooms and three baths, a guest house … actually, I saw that one and was thinking of bringing Jack to see it.” Kate added. “My realtor’s being very pushy about it.”

“The energy of the house is very feminine — I don’t see your husband going for it. Your real estate agent isn’t in sync with your needs,” Ariel countered.

“You’re right. She doesn’t listen. It gets frustrating, but she’s supposed to be the best … What about 33 Sea View?” Kate inquired.

“The numbers are always important, but in this case you’ll find unexpected issues with the house. It has odd energies …”

“Ok, I think I’ll stay away from it then. I saw photos of the house and it does look too cold and sterile for our tastes. This next place on Bell Court, I’m seeing with a young realtor named Keenan — a friend recommended him,” Kate commented.

“Oh, I like his energy,” Ariel jumped in. “You should be working with him. This is the person to help you house hunt.”

“Hmmm … Jack and I met him at a party. He described this particular house with such excitement that Jack has even volunteered to see it with me.”

Ariel did a Tarot spread to get even more information for Kate about the house. “I see wonderful symbols … there is a union between you and Jack and this house. Your energies are already intermingling. It’s as if Bell Court is eager to have you and reaching out to welcome you in,” Ariel advised.

When Kate next called Ariel, Kate and Jack had seen the house on Bell Court and had placed an offer. Kate was a bit hesitant though, because the tenant had tried to keep them out of the house. Jack is actually more excited than I am. His gut feeling is completely positive. Honestly, I’d be thrilled about the house, if I didn’t feel some dark energy from the guy who’s living there. He’s creepy,” Kate worried.

“I just can’t wait to tell you this. The house again appears to be reaching out to you and Jack. The tenant is resonating low, but his darkness can be saged. It hasn’t permeated the residence. You will love this house, you and Jack will not regret your offer,” Ariel assured Kate.

Before the couple moved in, they agreed to sage their new home together with instructions from Ariel. “Each of you will carry a white candle and a stick of white sage. Start clockwise at the front door. Work around each window and door, and stop in each corner. Clear each corner saying, “Only light and love dwell within … or anything else that comes to you at that moment to help move out any negative energy.”

“We just love our house,” Kate has gushed to Ariel numerous times since they took ownership of the house on Bell Court. It’s even better than I envisioned. I can’t get over the high ceilings, the huge fireplace, the kitchen, and, of course, the views,” she describes, before they get down to business on their new project together, selling her mother-in-law’s house.

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