A Psychic Premonition?

After sharing my problems with all of you last week in Customer Roundtable, I thought I’d share some laughs today.

Last Friday, I spoke with Seha ext. 9668 because I needed validation about the decisions I had made. I’ve been talking with Seha since last summer, and she has always been a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. After reassuring me that the decisions I made were the right ones, we talked about other things close to my heart. She told me that I would have disappointment early on in the week, but not to despair because things were moving along beautifully and this disappointment was nothing to worry about.

Boy, was she right! I was disappointed this morning, and it was throwing me for a loop. I felt like I was spiraling downward into that abyss of despair … giving in to the fear and doubt that plagues me so much in spite of all the positive reassurances by Seha, Red, Gina Rose, and Maryanne (my Psychic Dream Team).

(At this point you’re probably wondering, “Okay, where do the laughs come in?” I promise … they‘re coming.)

I immediately logged onto my CP account hoping to score an appointment today with Seha, or to at least get on her waiting list. You can imagine my dismay when I saw that she wasn’t scheduled to come on until tomorrow night!

So then I checked Gina Rose … Ha! What was I thinking? Of course she was all booked up! So I turned to Red, even though I have an appointment scheduled with her for later in the week. She was all booked, too … but I kept checking, and I was thrilled when a spot opened up on her outdial. I was sixth in line with appointments in between, but hey … I was in line! Only four and a half hours to wait!

I went to lie down, still feeling a little blue. I tried to cheer up by telling myself that since Seha had been right about today, she must be right about everything else. But I was having a hard time convincing myself. Then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a computer glitch at CP, and I somehow got bumped up in line and got my phone call now?!”

That’s when it happened. That’s when my phone rang. That’s when I nearly had a heart attack and almost fell off the bed when I saw from the caller ID that it was California Psychics calling! I couldn’t believe it! Could I really be that lucky? Could I be psychic?!

My heart was racing as I answered the phone. I couldn’t believe my luck! I was waiting to hear the sound of the computerized voice telling me that the psychic I had requested was on the line. But she never came on. Instead, it was Kimberly, a CP supervisor, giving me a courtesy call to let me know that Seha had been bumped up to $5.50/minute. I never laughed so hard in my life! Kimberly must have thought I was crazy … until I explained what had just happened, and then we were both laughing. I mean, how freaky was that?

Kimberly is a great asset to California Psychics. We spoke for a little while, talking about Seha and Red, and I think we both went away with a good feeling that I know will remain with me for the rest of the day. Thanks, Kimberly, for turning a very disappointing day into such a barrel of laughs. And thanks to ALL of the psychics that I’ve called so many many times for your caring, your understanding, your great advice, and predictions, and most of all your friendship.

Fran (a CP customer!)

6 thoughts on “A Psychic Premonition?

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  2. RG

    HA HA HA…..Thats too funny Fran.
    Thanks for the laugh first thing in the morning…..I can only imagine how ironic it must’ve been.
    Hope your despair/disappointment turns it around and becomes a positive outcome.
    Sending you loads of hugs and positive energy.

    Keep Smiling,


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