Psychic Dezi: Unveils Hidden Paths

Over the past few months, since my reading with Psychic Mark ext. 5234, I have been obsessed with the book that I’m writing. I’m enjoying the process and what I’m creating, and I want to get it published. But I’m fearful. Will any publishers want it? Will it be a success? As the fates would have it, I got a reading with Psychic Dezi ext. 5227. She knew instantly how to help me, and I felt relieved!

I told her only that I was writing a story and wanted to know if I should have it published. She told me that it would be and not to worry (although I didn’t tell her that I was!). She also informed me that it will be the first of many. At first, I didn’t believe that, but I accepted the information and the reading continued. I know that sometimes psychics can see a much larger picture that I can. So I know to just write it down and allow life to show me what it will. It wasn’t until a few months later after I finished the book and was already planning the second book that I realized that Dezi might be right!

She told me that my deadline was blocking me. The first draft was due two months ago and I was feeling the pressure. Although I knew my idea was good (OK, I think it’s a great idea), I didn’t know if I could execute it. Dezi told me to keep going and that the book would take on a life of its own. She also told me to let the magic happen and not doubt it.

It was comforting to be able to talk to someone about my creative endeavors and get a different perspective. Dezi understood the struggles I was going through and helped me find the confidence to keep this project going. The first draft is done and off to the reviewers. The second book is in the planning phases. Thanks to Dezi, I have more confidence to follow that inner voice and keep moving forward. I enjoyed her straightforward manner and helping me find the core of my issue and path ahead!

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