Psychic Burke: Reading With a Compassionate Psychic

Compassionate Psychic Readings

The true nature of compassion lies deep in the heart of the one who offers it, and it’s something a compassionate psychic, like Psychic Burke, has a lot of experience with. She explains why compassion is the best part of who we are as people, and why a reading with a compassionate psychic can be a healing form of grace in any troubling situation you’re in too.

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1. What kind of caller should read with a compassionate psychic?

A reading with a compassionate psychic is a great choice for anyone! The world (especially today) needs an uncommon understanding because every unanswered problem leaves us a little more lost. What I know from doing this work over the last decade is that people need their voices validated, their emotions allowed, and their purpose recognized. My duty as a compassionate psychic is to be fully present for the process. I allow Spirit to flow through me, offering a much higher perspective than anything I could possibly think of. I actively listen to my caller’s concerns and questions but immediately send an empathetic tone outward. Compassion is the quality in ourselves leaping forward—the best of ourselves. It’s more than mere sympathy but also the compelling feeling to lift the suffering of others.

2. What makes a compassionate psychic different from other types of psychics?

A reading with a compassionate psychic feels more alive, more personal, and more one-to-one than often-requested straightforward readings. Most people need something beyond good advice. They seek connection and want to understand how and who they are. They often call about trying to understand another person, and the simple grace of compassion that comes from the reading is the very thing they take away and pass along to the individual they’re in a relationship with. The outcome of this process can move mountains and work miracles.

3. What topics are best to discuss with a compassionate psychic?

Pretty much everything! Callers often find themselves confused, entrenched in drama, in problems of their making, and in other emotional and mental chaos. Compassionate energy leaps forward to let them know that nothing is too big or unsolvable. Solutions are found in a bit-by-bit breakdown. Compassionate psychics help overwhelmed callers find a comfortable place to be and ways to move forward with working options. There are always options available to you!

4. Why do you give compassionate readings?

The reason I give compassionate readings is simple: It’s my purpose to use the gifts given to me. The highest one is an ability to connect with others through a compassionate style of reading and relating. It feels natural and mostly easy to meet people where they are at the moment. Spirit often shows me the end result to a question, but not everything. I work backward to meet my callers in the “now” with choices and possibilities to outline the route.

5. When you get a psychic reading, do you prefer reading with a compassionate psychic?

Yes, I would prefer a like-minded, connected, compassionate reader too. There is common ground with someone who shares the same gifts and style. It would be a joy to interact with someone who operates on the same frequencies. Without a word, one could sense that they too have had quite a journey to elevate and present their craft on the same platform as me.

6. Is there such a thing as being too compassionate when it comes to your callers?

No. Sometimes messages are difficult, but as messengers, we still need to speak the truth. We need to say it in whatever way the caller best receives it. Spirit always shows me how. It’s in the way we listen; the words and spaces in between carry energy to which Spirit shows how to uniquely respond.

Every reading is different with varying degrees of compassion. One may think that too much compassion might enable the caller to stay in their issues and not resolve them. I’ve found that it is actually the opposite. When you find the point of pain, and press through that, the client is most likely ready for action. True compassion is needed to add to the process, and there can never be too much.

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