Psychic Appreciation Month: An Enticing Experience

Psychic Appreciation Month: An Enticing Experience | California Psychics

Editor’s Note: Everyone here at California Psychics would like to express our gratitude to all of our psychics who spend their days sharing their incredible gifts with you, our wonderful customers. We are in awe of the hard work, love, compassion, and joy our psychics put into their jobs each and every day. And just as Psychic Kallista shares with you her appreciation for all of you as our customers, and for us as a company, we are pleased and grateful to be able to express our appreciation for all of the incredible psychics who call California Psychics home, and for all of you dear readers.

Understanding and Compassion

Having someone who is there for you, who has your back, and best of all, psychically tells you what to expect in your life is a unique and wonderful thing. After you’ve connected with a good reader, there’s nothing else like it. There is no equivalent to working with an intuitive who, with genuine care, assists you in calming your anxieties, quelling your fears, and helping you make right decisions. It makes your life better in too many ways to count. This month is all about psychic appreciation, which for me is every day because of the gratitude I feel for excellent readers who know their stuff. Perhaps you’ve been blessed with a great psychic reader who is part of this awesome psychic company, California Psychics. Then, like me, you’ll delight in this Psychic Appreciation Blog.

Historic Significance

Throughout history, people have benefited from the auguries of prophets, seers, and oracles. You can find prophets and seers within the histories of many cultures and religions. Ancient Greece and Norse mythology, Celtic tales, Native American history and myth, Christian and Jewish texts, and even Sikh and Buddhist histories are filled with prophets who saw the future and foretold many things to come. But prophecy and psychic ability didn’t cease with the people who recorded these tales. Intuition, another name for psychic ability, has been given to all of us to use here, now and always. Many blessings come from this divine gift, and appreciation for psychics and their abilities will always be with us. I believe the day will come when using our sixth sense will be as normal as using taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. In fact, it certainly will be considered unusual if the sixth sense is not used!

California Psychics Appreciation

Joining the team of California Psychics was a dream come true for me. They are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, aces. They operate from integrity, honor, and a whole-hearted determination to give both psychics and their customers the most excellent experience possible. They are unparalleled in the industry for the high-quality standards they uphold. They are also the sweetest, kindest, most supportive team you could hope for. You might wonder if this praise is somehow biased. I assure you it is not. I know from past experience that California Psychics is truly top-notch.

The psychics here are the real thing, gifted and inspiring. Just like customers, many psychics benefit from calling other readers. Yes, even readers need readers sometimes. We are all human, and when emotions rise like a tidal wave and send you spinning with hurricane force, it can be very hard to read for yourself. We need that objective point of view which helps ground us and give us clarity.

We Want to Help You

Every good psychic comes from a loving place, wanting only to help uplift, enlighten, and heal their callers. They know that many souls call psychics in their darkest moments. Pain, anxiety, fear, and heartache often compel one to call, and that kind voice on the other end nearly always offers some peace of mind. Some call readers as a last resort, feeling there is no one else to turn to, only to rejoice in finding someone supportive to walk with them on their path. Most readings are comforting, as well as confirming of your own intuition, and fears are laid to rest. Once in a while, fears are also confirmed, but that’s where your psychic helps you choose a better path for yourself, and that’s always good.

Wonderful Customers

There’s something deeply satisfying for readers in speaking with a customer who is caring and kind and willing to listen and grow. Most customers understand how readings work and honor the process, making it a lovely experience for themselves and their psychic readers. The countless positive customer testimonials given make our day and help those new to the line better understand what to expect, as well as realize all the blessings they can receive in obtaining readings.

Wonderful customers help create amazing experiences on our line. They are the crown jewels of our profession, and the real reason we are here. Every good psychic considers each call a blessing and a gift. Being invited into the life and soul of another is a humbling and sacred experience. All psychic readers on our line are grateful to all those who trust us with their hopes and dreams and desires.

Customer Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from our customers for our brilliant psychics.

Psychic Boston

“This is my first time reading with Boston – my advisor wasn’t available, so I gave Boston a try.  She tuned in very quickly and didn’t waste time with unnecessary chit chat.  She answered all my questions and ended the call on a positive note.  Thank you, Boston.” -Jennifer, Egg Harbor Township, February 26, 2019

Psychic Winter

“Winter is amazing. This was my third CP reading but my first with Winter. She immediately picked up on the two topics I was calling about. She was pretty specific with time frames and I feel like she really identified precisely what’s been going on in my life. I look forward to seeing things unfold as she predicted. I will absolutely be calling her back!” -K.M., Smithfield, March 25, 2019

Psychic Zofeya

“Zofeya is a kind and gentle person. She never judges but is more factual in her readings and super accurate. She described my current boss to a “T” and told me a few months ago that I would be leaving the job in 2-3 months and now I am leaving because of some new circumstances. She is able to read people and events with a beautiful spirit and she truly wishes well for everyone. Thanks, Z!” -A.B. Farmington, June 22, 2019

Psychic Kallista

“Wow. I am still in shock. She knew everything. The dates were down to a “T”. This amazing woman is the real deal. I’m not even sure how to put it into words. I highly recommend you speak with her, today if you can! Absolutely worth every penny. The specific details she is able to provide you with are mind blowing. Kallista is truly gifted. Genuine soul. Thank you my dear friend! I am unbelievably happy. So so sorry we got cut off! Calling soon.” -Jessica, Buffalo, May 26, 2018

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