Psychic Answers: Psychic Awareness

Developing your own psychic awareness can be helpful in everyday life. Learning how to recognize a good hunch and then running with it is one of the first steps to working out that mental muscle. “Just like any other talent,” explains BlackHawk (ext. 9353), who has had clairvoyant abilities since the age of nine, “the secret to manifesting psychic ability is to practice, practice, practice.”

Here’s what he said:

Everyone has a little psychic ability in them. We wouldn’t have survived as a species without using our intuitive gifts. I use these exercises to teach my own students how to begin to understand what it means to be psychic and get a feeling for their own accuracy. You need to relax and enjoy the practice for it to work, for you.

Psychic exercises
Before you answer the phone, ask yourself who it is. Keep track of your hits and misses. You only have to be right 55% of the time to beat the record.

Shuffle a deck of regular cards. Before you turn over the top card, decide if it’s red or black. Once you’ve mastered it, move on to guessing the suits: hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds. If you keep practicing, eventually you’ll be about 80 percent correct.

Test yourself with psychometry, the art of getting information from the energy of an object by holding it. Just last week one of my students brought in a white glove from the the late 1800s. It was fun just making up stories about it. The idea is to learn to let go of your imagination. Start with the first hunch. When the hair stands up on your arms and the back of your neck you’re on the right track.

Use your intuition
This exercise is from an old psychic development book. Think about your favorite movie. Recall your favorite scene. Then within two weeks see if that scene doesn’t play out in your life somewhere. Here’s my experience with this test. In the movie Ghost, Whoopi Goldberg’s character Oda Mae was faking her psychic abilities. Afterwards she was actually “visited” by Sam, actor Patrick Swayze.

I was at a party a week or so later and I was worried that an old cowboy named Willie who popped up in my head, might not be accurate. I described him as an old panner during the California Gold Rush days. We all got a good laugh out of it. Several weeks later I received a photo in the mail of Old Willie, from a guest at the party, looking just the same as I had described him.

So, once again go with your intuition and your imagination. Trust it. You won’t be 100% accurate, no one is. We all interpret things differently. Most of all, have fun!

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