Psychic Angel on Facebook and Twitter Today!

Take advantage of an exciting opportunity to tune in to some free psychic advice—Psychic Angel ext. 9266 will be here to answer questions on Facebook and Twitter between 3-4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Join in the conversation there, where you can submit a question to Angel, along with your birth sign!*

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Angel is a natural born psychic with strong Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities. Two near death experiences have made her a strong emotional and physical Empath. She easily taps into clarity and insight relying solely on guides and not on tools. Angel is also a medium, does dream interpretations and animal readings. She has used her gifts to assist in crime investigations and missing persons cases. You may have heard her on the radio or seen her on TV. Angel is proud to say she’s been a professional reader for 27 years! She looks forward to reading for you. Angel uses no tools.

*(Only one question per person, please; questions will not be answered in the order received nor will every question be answered.)

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Angel on Facebook and Twitter Today!

  1. Sonia Allen

    Wow, Angel is beautiful !!!
    I guess I just would like to know the typical things …
    Will my SS disability be approved, will I be able to get Medicare to get my health issues addressed – when will this pain end – I’m very close to my wits end with it 🙁
    When will I find the womyn of my dreams ??
    How can I become financially independent ??


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