The Osho Zen Tarot: June 14 – 20

Osho Zen Tarot: June 14-20 | California Psychics

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A while ago, a friend of mine made a comment when I asked him about Zen, which I considered weird and cryptic. He answered my questions amused, “Zen has nothing to say.” I’ve since discovered that this is true. Because Zen, essentially, is the ultimate state of being in the “now”, being in “no-mind.”

And The Osho Tarot brings this fact out for us in its unusual take on the cards of the Major and Minor Arcana. The Osho International Foundation in Switzerland has renamed the cards, drawing out their essential nature through the lens of Zen.

The well-known Zen practitioner, Alan Watts, commented once that a good goal would be to become, “an aperture through which the Universe views itself.” To be empty, ego-less, and disengaged, and by doing so to become free.

And while the Osho Tarot is a magical work, no one individual seems to take credit for its authorship. The illustrations are by Deva Padma, and its editor is Sarito Caro Neiman.

So, enter with me here.

June 14 – Sunday

Guidance (Three of Pentacles)

Follow inner guidance today. The Guidance card corresponds in the traditional deck with the Three of Pentacles. I’ve always thought of this card as the “apprentice” vibration, because it seems to suggest that we are being taught by a higher authority. But, Osho suggests something quite different.

The guide is really within us. Although we are accustomed to taking cues from the outside, it’s not really necessary. The truth of our own deepest being will lead us where we need to go. When you feel more whole and integrated your movement is coming from the center as it goes outward, carrying you exactly where you need to go today.

June 15 – Monday

Adventure (Page of Pentacles)

The Osho says that nothing can be guaranteed but danger. It is only by getting lost that we grow. To walk into the unknown without a map is the daily condition of life. In insecurity and discomfort growth takes place.

To enter into the spirit of adventure we must be like a child. The Page of Rainbows (Pentacles) says that to be trusting and open in every situation like a child makes everything an adventure.

This quality will come to the surface for you somewhere today; in relationships, the office, or a wilderness!

June 16 – Tuesday

Nothingness (The Hierophant)

Nothing isn’t, well, nothing. It is all. This is a card of potentiality. So, why do we create such worry and despair? In each empty moment, something sacred is about to come to life.

Based on the traditional card, The Hierophant, the holy person, we see that life grows in emptiness and seclusion. What diamond is emerging from your solitude today?

June 17 – Wednesday

Ordinariness (Eight of Pentacles)

Today’s card tells us that ordinary tasks take on a sacred quality when performed with total involvement. Complete focus on a task, regardless of how menial, releases us from the constraints of logic and words.

Someone posed the question to a Zen Master: What did you do before attaining enlightenment? He answered, “Chop wood, carry water.” Then the student questioned: What do you do now that you have attained it? The Master countered again, “Chop wood, carry water.”

Seek enlightenment through mindful engagement with the mundane today.

June 18 – Thursday

Postponement (Four of Swords)

Tomorrow never comes, is a common cliché, but the truth of this statement seldom seems to really sink in. We’ve all felt the condition of being totally stuck that comes with over-deliberation.

With each deferral of a decision, we get older and closer to death. Not that impulsiveness is great, either. It is usually a form of control and compulsiveness. This card tells us today to practice deciding in the “now”, in the freshness of each moment.

June 19 – Friday

Participation (Four of Wands)

We are advised today to allow ourselves to be pulled out of our misery and worry. Join in and become a participant, not just an observer. Remember that joining doesn’t always mean running around or hitting every social event.

It can mean joining in with the coming of evening and with the sunrise, or with something the wind is doing as you walk outside. Joy and ecstasy will come from participation today. The whole Universe is inviting you inside!

June 20 – Saturday

We Are the World (Ten of Pentacles)

If huge numbers of people around the world sang, danced, and celebrated around the clock, what would happen to the risk we now face of global extinction? This card asks: With this much laughter and sanity, could there ever be even a minor war?

This card reminds us to contemplate the common thread running within all genetic backgrounds, age, cultures, and income levels. Celebrate something today with someone outside your “category” comfort zone. You will be helping to save the world.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Mirror

This is a twelve card spread. It will tell you about yourself and your relationship in a mirror-like way. It works great for insight into a relationship and what it reveals about you, to you. It shows where each partner is in their current evolutionary process, as well as how the partnership behaves as an entity in itself. This spread can be applied to any relationship: friend, lover, child, parent, or even co-worker.

Shuffle the cards well and think about what you need to find out about your relationship. When you are ready, pull twelve cards from the deck face down in front of you, while continuing to focus.

Arrange four vertical lines of three cards each, and arrange them left to right.

  1. Turn the first row over face up and read them bottom to top. This row is you in the here and now.
  2. Turn the second row face up and read them bottom to top. This row is your partner in the here and now.
  3. Now, turn the third row face up and read them from bottom to top. This row is the “look” of the relationship from the outside.
  4. Finally, turn the fourth row face up and read the cards from bottom to top. This row is the deeper spiritual purpose of your relationship.

Final Step: Meditate for a moment on the blessings, benefits, and gifts that the relationship brings to each of you. Bless your relationship with gratitude and go about your day.

Wishing you love, light, and laughter, and hope to see you again. Remember to have fun!

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