Old English Tarot: December 8 – 14

Old English Tarot: December 8-14 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Do you ever wish you could celebrate all the fantastic holiday “bling” from every tradition all at once? I admit I wish that every year. Maybe because we’ve all had lifetimes in many historical and cultural settings, we have a memory file that makes us feel like we belong in many places. So, let’s lean back in reverie this week with the Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen as a backdrop for our imaginings.

Legend says that during medieval times, the druids would bless a log and keep it burning for twelve days. They kept part of the log for the following year and used it to light a new one! The Vikings carved runes in their Yule logs representing traits that they wanted to expel from their character. A hot strong drink of ale, honey, and spices was raised to good health and success in the New Year.

Elsewhere, Mince Meat pies were eaten which contained cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg to represent the three gifts the wise men astrologers gave to the Christ child as they tracked his location through the star of his birth. One whole pie was eaten every day until Epiphany was celebrated on January 6.

What kinds of traditions are your favorites? Fire up the Yule Log, pull up a chair, grab your glass, and tell me about them!

December 8 – Sunday

The Lovers

If you feel disengaged and alone today, this week will hold several opportunities for deep connection. By recognizing opportunities in ordinary settings our options widen. An angel is above the couple on this card directing the course of love. We have a choice to make. Will we open to love or refuse it today? Holiday parties hold many opportunities for new love to take root and blossom. After studying the situation, if our guidance tells us “Yes,” we must be brave and take action. In general, this card is telling us to at least consider each person who wants to get to know us. Then we can ask Greater Power, however we conceive of it, to move the energy along the path toward love.

December 9 – Monday

Queen of Coins (Pentacles)

The Queen of Pentacles tells us that finances may take an upturn today. This can take the form of finding more value in what we actually have or acquiring new assets! Let’s not forget, especially now, to endow our favorite charities. We cannot out-give the Universe! She also reminds us today not to deny ourselves and our families the rewards of a job well done. Everyone should revel in the enjoyment of living. We are being told to increase the confidence of everyone, including ourselves.

December 10 – Tuesday

Six of Cups

Love in the form of “buddy hood” is very near today. We are being advised to be open and innocent. The future is a blank and open book regardless of our age. Don’t let yourself be swept forward only by the past’s current trajectory. Newness requires space and openness and lots of focus. Spirit instructs us to try new viewpoints, strategies, and activities. If we can do that we will stay eternally fresh.

December 11 – Wednesday

The Sun

The Sun card is telling us to accept that impromptu invitation or extend one ourselves this Wednesday night! The weather is cold, so let’s make each other warm. In fact, make it a goal to make someone “warm” today! A good way to start is by giving what you most want and need to get. Soon the sun will begin its return toward us with the solstice. The days will wax imperceptibly lighter and lighter until suddenly it will be spring! Who can you bring a hint of spring to today?

December 12 – Thursday

Eight of Batons (Wands)

Communications heat up today. Phone calls, texts, letters, and cards flood in as Mercury dances with the moon, who currently loves him!  It’s a great day to flood some talk-time back to others. Initiate contact with people you care about who have lost touch. Some efforts won’t be fruitful, and that’s okay, too. You’ll feel super busy under the Eight of Batons’ influence. Don’t become a busy-body in communications. Use the time to make contact in a meaningful way. Get centered, doing whatever works for you. That will do the trick.

The card is saying a gem of reconnection is in the making! Make space for it to happen now. The effort will be worth it.

December 13 – Friday

Nine of Cups

Party time! Play a drum and do handstands! This is a day and night to let it all out in a fun celebration. The Nine of Cups sees us celebrating something in a big way. A wish will be granted and good luck reigns.

December 14 – Saturday


The energies this week have been very intense. The Temperance card tells us that it is now time to regain balance. A walk in a green area would work wonders. Stabilizing stones near your bedside and lots of good quality water helps, too.

 The Bottom Line Love Reading

Shuffle the deck well and select five cards randomly. Arrange them face down, forming a curved arc, moving left to right.

Read them, however, right to left, as follows:

Card 1- Long term potential of this relationship

Card 2- The overall energies operating

Card 3- How I am in a relationship and, specifically, in this one

Card 4- How the other person is in a relationship, specifically, in this one

Card 5- Final advice

Thanks for joining me this week. Bright blessings coming at you for the Holidays! Enjoy!

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