No-Tools Psychics

There are callers who prefer to read with psychics who don’t use tools — they read by their gifts alone, whether they are Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, a Medium, a Channeler … or they use a combination of their natural gifts. What’s the difference between a psychic who doesn’t use tools and a psychic who does, from the point of view of psychics who read without them? We wondered exactly what it feels like as our Intuitives get the messages they pass on to you. Here’s what they said:

Many psychics believe their readings are faster, better, and more accurate when they read without tools. Michael ext. 9604 explains his personal process for doing ‘gifts-only’ readings. “When I work with clients on the phone, I prefer to work with the images, emotions, words, and sometimes the movie clips I am given to pass along to the caller. As I work, a picture is truly worth a thousand words … each image has its own meaning tailored to each individual for that specific call or time. Combined with the emotions I feel and the things I hear, it forms a short story, which I relate to the caller. Often there is also a snippet of a song, which directs me to relay certain things to the caller. The way that my gifts and talents have evolved, I am not sure there could ever be a tool I could use to accomplish the same thing in the same way.”

“Tools are a distraction to me,” Giovanna ext. 5214 reports. “I receive information once a connection has been made with the caller. With that connection, information seems to come through a series of pictures, feelings, sense ideas, and sometimes words. As I relay the information and it is confirmed by the caller, the information continues to build and flow.”

“I have tried to use tools, but they confuse me. They engage my brain and I end up adding my own opinion to the reading,” says Claire ext. 5242. “I bring myself to an alert trance state before I log on. I know by the energy I am feeling if I am connecting to a higher place, where all truth resides and everyone is one energy. I then see the truth of the matter, I hear the words, and I feel how that person really feels, regarding each question. My confirmation does not always come from the caller, but the energy I feel delivering the message. Another way I know I am connected is that I don’t always have a clue as to what I just said.”

Many no-tools psychics get information or confirmation from their Spirit Guides, which they do not consider a tool.

“I’ve trusted my guides for so long, it is just easier and faster to work with them,” tells Donna. “I learned to substitute using tools to focus — instead I for close my eyes and take a deep breath as I listen to the caller’s first name. I feel the advantage is speed.”

For Donna ext. 9448 , a no-tools reading means that knowledge comes to her from her Angel Guides. “People seem to gain solace from knowing the psychic is giving advice or direction from their all-knowing source. In my case, I see my guides reporting to me with a smile, a picture, green or red lights, and numbers, indicating days or months.

Other psychics, like Gina Rose ext. 9500, are purists when it comes to their readings. “I read without tools because I have a unique gift in that I can literally hear a person’s energy and the flow of their energy. I am given information from my five guides. I have read for 44 years and have trained psychics for 29 years. I like to get my students to a point beyond using tools, as I firmly believe it enhances and magnifies their natural abilities.”

Many who read without tools tell us they can accurately read either way. Maryanne ext. 9146 says that callers with a preference for no-tools readings may mention that they feel these messages and readings are more personal and specific to them. “If a caller believes their questions are best answered without the use of the tools of our trade, then a reading without tools is in their interest.”

“People who prefer no tools are often looking for someone who has the ‘gift’,” says Judianne ext. 5129, a Clairaudient who hears answers from her guides. Using precognition, she can even hear callers’ questions before they are even asked.”

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