New Beginnings: Tarot Cards that Mean Change is Coming

New Beginnings: Tarot Cards that Mean Change is Coming | California Psychics

Change is in the Air

When new beginnings are on the horizon, Tarot can pinpoint how and when they will take place. While just about any hopeful card can indicate that a new cycle is beginning, the following cards are some of the most important signposts to your future. When and where they appear in a reading will signal that change is on its way in that area of your life.

Bright Beacons

In the following examples, the cards are presented in their upright meanings. That’s because we are looking at the positive potential of what’s to come!

Check out the list below for the categories where you’re seeking change and growth or reflect on them all, to see the secrets they reveal about what’s coming up for you!

For Any New Start

The Fool

Leap Into the Unknown and Start Fresh

The timing is right to start on a new journey. Uranus, the planet of change and the unexpected, is your escort here. Use intuition, courage, and cheerfulness because unexpected treasure awaits.

Page of Wands

Good News is Coming Soon

The little page, wearing the sun’s medal around his neck, is shouting out something you will definitely want to hear. Make your own voice heard, too, regarding what you want to see happen, for best results.

Ace of Wands

A New Springtime

This card means lots of new passion. It alludes to the beginning of projects, courses of study, or new jobs and locations. A great card for a new start!

The Sun

New Energy and Creativity

You will have the health and energy to reach your goals. Creativity and expansion are favored. This is a very benevolent card.

For Love and Emotions

Ace of Cups

Bright New Beginnings

Yes, this could be the “big” love of your life. Your “cup overflows” with happiness! A new addition to the family, or more abundance of whatever brings you true happiness is featured here.

Two of Cups

Entering a New Phase of Your Relationship

You two may be moving from friendship to love. You will be recognized as a couple. Although in the early stage of love, the times when you are together are memorable “dates,” and create a lot of happy memories.

Nine of Cups

A Wish Will be Granted

It’s time to celebrate an accomplishment. Throw a party! A secret wish is about to become real, and you’re on a roll of good luck right now.

Ten of Cups

A New Marriage, a Commitment, or Both

Now’s the time to make it official. A new future is opening up, and it includes a loving partnership. A home purchase might be considered now. The rainbow overhead is blessing you both.

Page of Cups

A Happy Surprise

Messages from Spirit produce idealism and joy. They will bring a surprise from the spirit realm which is both loving and true. Don’t be afraid to follow the path of your development.

For Work and Finance

The Magician

Summoning Up New Ideas

The presence of this card in your Tarot reading tells you that you are smarter than you know! Don’t underestimate your abilities, and don’t hesitate to master an area of study that is especially important to you now.

Eight of Pentacles

Study, Leading to a New Position

You are putting in the time, attending the classes, learning the trade, and you will be rewarded in short order.

Page of Pentacles

The Student

Have a beginner’s mind, be humble, and learn from others. This will provide a solid basis for your success.

Ace of Pentacles

Pennies from Heaven

Tangible assets from unexpected sources are headed your way. Bonuses, winnings, settlements, and tax refunds are due to you now. Sometimes, it could mean a very sizeable pay increase at your job!

Ace of Swords

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

You score a coup’, and the results of this victory break through previous limitations which have held you back. Seize the moment.

For Increased Health and Wellness


A Transformation

Yes, you heard that right, and it’s always followed by renewal and rebirth. The total end of one cycle, the eve of another one, is starting now. Total transformation of body, mind, and spirit is taking place. A very positive card.

Six of Swords

A Well-Earned Break

You will take a journey with someone else. This is an escape card and indicates a restful vacation in new surroundings.

Four of Swords

Rest and Seclusion

Meditation and sleep will rejuvenate you. Unplug, and let silence do its thing. Set boundaries so that your seclusion will not be disturbed.

For New Friends

The Empress

Someone of substance is about to help you set your world in order. A person with nurturing energy will be instrumental in making your world more beautiful.

The High Priestess

A new spiritual friend, a psychic, medium, mystic, or astrologer will lead you to new insights. The person is quiet, reserved, and powerful. You will know them by their wisdom.

The King of Cups

A counselor, spiritual teacher, or academic will give you helpful and healing advice. You will recognize this person by their close and careful ability to listen. They are loyal and compassionate to those in their circle.

Concerning Reversals

If cards come up in the reversed position, it indicates that caution, delays, or adjustments are the best moves to take in the matter for now. This won’t negate the positive potential of that card’s energy if it’s handled correctly.

Tarot Spreads for New Beginnings

There are several Tarot spreads that look at the questioner’s immediate and nearby future influences, the people, environmental factors nearby, and the desired outcome and goals of the questioner, and are specially made for predicting new beginnings. The Celtic Cross spread is one good example, but most Tarot spreads include these elements somewhere. A reading with a Tarot Psychic can reveal even more of them to you.

Your Personal Tarot

A fun way to work with Tarot is to shuffle the cards, lay them all out in front of you face up, and notice which ones hold the most intrigue and inspiration for you personally. Which feelings, thoughts, and ideas for the future are evoked by certain images?

These will be your personal symbol system for leading you into new realms of discovery, and when they show up in a reading, it’s confirmation that the Universe has your back!

Tarot card readings give you a deeper connection to Spirit. This means you’ll get the unadulterated insights you need about your past, present, and future, but only if you read with a tarot card psychic.

Find a tarot card psychic or learn more about tarot card readings.

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