My Reading with Ciarra

First of all, I should come clean here and admit, I have never had my Tarot cards read before. So I was really scared! I was afraid that Ciarra (ext. 8624), might draw a card that would frighten me or trigger my obsessive mind into sleepless nights looking for a prediction to come true.

Happily, my fears were quickly dispelled by Ciarra’s down-to-earth, strong voice which took me out of my anxiety and into the real value of the reading – what is going on with me?

In the past few months, it became clear that I needed to leave my boring job that I was comfortable in, but just wasn’t interested in. My creative soul was begging to make a change. I made the scary decision to leave my job of five years, but didn’t know what was next. Not even a month later, I had an interview for and landed a job using my passion and talent.

My reading came right after the last day of my old job. And, sure enough, one of the first cards was the “Hanged Man.” It’s interpretation is that of a life in suspension as choices are coming internally and externally with relationships and career. Once this card was on the table, and I was literally “hanging” between two completely different jobs, I felt I could trust Ciarra to tell me more.

She did. She not only told me why I have been in a cycle of dating the charming “magical” people who promise everything and then disappear, but assured me that my true partner is looking for me as well. This knowledge helped me to relax around my run of dizzying instant attractions that lead almost unexplainably to rollercoaster crash endings. It’s just in my cards for now, but it’s not forever.

I was impressed by Ciarra’s ability to verbalize what I had been experiencing, not only in my current dating life, but also in past relationships as well. She seemed to know my character and could see my relationship patterns. She nailed my multiple personalities as: listener, giver, emotional intuitive to my closest friends, ambitious leader and dominating force to my co-workers. I felt understood and that she was willing to listen, but also wanted to stay on track to give me the most thorough reading she could in the time that we had.

She did give me predictions for the future, and while many were exciting and positive, there were a few warnings, again around my romantic life. I felt taken care of by her honesty and straightforward explanations of my cards, and I will, indeed, heed her warnings.

While I can’t change any of the cards I have been dealt, I can rest assured that my experiences aren’t because I am a bad person or for any reason other than the energy that is passing through my life at this time. There are a lot of exciting choices and being in suspension means anything is possible. My life has never been more open as I await solid ground.

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