Moving in With a Spirit

So you moved into a new home or office and things just don’t seem to be going right. Your energy is off, the new place has a strange vibe – something’s unnerving, but you just can’t put your finger on it. On one hand you want answers, but on the other… you’ve just signed paperwork that makes you the new owner or tenant for a long time to come. You’re stuck with dealing with whatever unseen issues your new place has. But what are they?

Jenna (not her real name) who had just moved her thriving upscale salon to a larger location, in what she believed to be a more up and coming part of a historical town, called Marin ext. 5113 wondering, “Is my business going to be okay? Do you sense any negativity in my new location?”

The Clairvoyant and Clairaudient immediately felt the energy of her caller’s panic. Jenna had invested her savings, plus she had the backing of several investors behind her larger, posher operation. But, as soon as the excitement of the remodel and the grand opening had died down, her best stylist and her manicurist had decided to leave. Business had been slow even before they left, and lately several people had said that the place gave them the creeps. “I just don’t get it,” Jenna admitted.

Marin, also a remote viewer and Medium took an aerial view of the salon, visiting each area of the grandly remodeled ground floor loft space in the beautiful old building. She got an image of a 1930’s blues musician wearing a pork pie hat, a pinkie ring, smoking a cigar. Before Marin described the man who called himself Morris to Jenna, she asked, “Do you ever smell cigar smoke in the hall?”

“Yes! It’s awful. I thought it came from the Bingo hall upstairs. But I asked and no one’s allowed to smoke, plus most of the clients who go there are elderly women,” her caller confirmed.

The spirit was shaking his head and rolling his eyes, as he rocked in his chair. Marin saw him as being very mellow – just hanging out. “He thinks you’ve stirred up the space way too much. He thinks you get way too excited about things.”

“Hey. Who is he to talk? He’s driving my clients away. Tell him to leave,” she insisted, then paused and almost let out a scream. She caught herself, so as not to alert her staff and clients. “What do I do?” she whispered to Marin.

“He’s not a negative energy and he’s stuck there by choice, so he’s not going anywhere. He’s actually keeping the place calm. Here’s what I suggest to people who don’t want to engage with the spirit, but want to relax with the whole situation. Create a sort of altar. Light a candle there as soon as you walk in the door, say hello and be grateful to Morris for keeping the place positive. You can be very discreet about this.”

“Okay, okay… I can do that. I sell my own scented votive candles, so it makes perfect sense. Maybe I’ll do some kind of a display. Hey. I’ve gotta go, I have a client. I’ll call you back.”

Several weeks later, Jenna called back saying, I feel like part of the gray cloud has lifted over the salon. When I walk in I have my little ritual and it centers me. No one around here is the wiser, except that I’m selling lots of candles and soaps. I found a great manicurist and I added a massage table to bring in more business. Actually I’ve even given the ladies upstairs gift certificates to use as bingo prizes and it’s making for a much happier environment. But things are still slower than what I’m used to… I feel like there’s a half a cloud over me.”

Marin saw that Jenna’s new morning ritual was also helping to center the young salon owner after she unlocked the place each morning. Jenna was less fearful now, less excitable and was becoming aware of some of the other issues which were affecting her business.

“I don’t hear things as often as I did anymore, and I rarely smell cigars, but I’ve asked around and I found out that I got a deal on this place, because even though this part of town is considered up and coming, it does have a very heavy energy – a lot of negative history went down in this part of town.”

“I wish I’d called you before I leased this place. But I probably wouldn’t have listened,” Jenna admitted. “I don’t even know why I decided to do this – my other salon always had a waiting list. Do you think I’ll have any success here?” she asked Marin hopefully.

“You’ll find ways to keep a steady flow of clients, but I don’t see a big change for two years,” the psychic projected.

“That’s when my lease is up. So you’re saying I’ll hang in there until then. What a huge lesson! Is there any way I might have known that the energy of this place would make things hard for me and my business?”

Marin explained that there’s more to any space than what you can see. “Before I walk into a place I’m checking out for someone, I go in with my eyes shut, so that I don’t overlook the energetic response I get. I just stand there and pay attention.”

“I’m standing here, trying it right now, and even though I’m grateful that things have gotten much better, there’s still a kind of heavy feeling here, that just doesn’t mesh with me.”

“I suggest that clients spend time alone in each room of an office or home they are considering renting or buying before they make a decision. If it doesn’t feel warm and happy to you… reflect on that.”

“Well, believe me, with the shop so quiet, these days, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect. All I can say now is What was I thinking? But I can’t go backwards, so thanks for helping me move ahead,” she said before asking Marin if her life might include a little romance before her next business move.

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