DreamCast: Gypsies On the Beach

I dreamt I was walking along a beach I know well at night, with a long line of people. They were gypsies. They spoke quietly among themselves. I was not one of them. We walked in a column up the beach and under a tunnel. Suddenly I was alone, wheeling a bicycle upward on the track. A derelict house stood across the track and I could not pass. There were people living in the house, including a very pretty gypsy girl and her husband, whose head was a skull! They were both very helpful. I was embarrassed at having to wheel my bike through their house, and he was embarrassed because he knew how he looked. They helped me very quietly and gently to get through the house to the other side.

From Jane in Dublin

Hello Jane,

First of all, how do you feel about gypsies? Are they wanderers to you? Are they adventurous or unpredictable? I believe the gypsies are a part of you, perhaps the part that’s spontaneous, freethinking (the skull!) and likes to explore new things. Because you felt separate from them and embarrassed to be in their house, I don’t think you’re entirely comfortable with this part of yourself. Still, in order to get to where you needed to go, you had to enter their world so they could help you on your journey. So whatever “track” (path) you’ve taken in waking life, you will need your inner gypsy to get there.

Sweet dreams,

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