A Day in the Life: Psychic Alexia

A Day in the Life: Psychic Alexia | California Psychics

We believe that a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection with them when you call for a reading. In our continuing series, we talk to our psychics about their day to day lives, starting with one of our Premier Psychics, Psychic Alexia.

How did you learn and develop your psychic abilities, Psychic Alexia?

As a child, I had an uncanny ability to communicate with wildlife and domestic animals. I could see, hear, and smell things that were not apparent to other people as well. But being raised in an environment that labeled such things as wrong and evil caused me to just ignore that side of myself.

As a young adult I still had my awareness, so those things that did come through were so natural to me, I assumed everyone was able to connect as I did. I had no idea I had abilities and chalked up the vivid experiences of my childhood as products of imagination. It wasn’t until a respected psychic took me aside and told me that I had gifts and that what I thought of as normal was only normal for me that I finally started to pay attention to and develop my intuition.

How do you relax and clear your mind after being on the line all day?

When I’m finished for the day, I send divine light and gratitude to my clients and envision myself in a cleansing and restorative pillar of light.

If the weather allows, I go outside and just observe nature. The egret, the hummingbirds, the bumblebees, the trees, the smell of the lavender in my garden. All of it soaks in and helps me ground.

What does a typical day off look like for you?

There are two kinds of days off for me. There’s a day at home and then there’s a travel day. But really, all days end up belonging to the dogs.

On a typical day off at home I usually wake up around seven and spend some time allowing any insights, inspirations, or solutions to sink into my awareness. Before I get out of bed, I perform a gratitude meditation, which entails my thinking of at least five things I can feel truly grateful for. My gratitude practice usually ends with lots of cuddles and kisses from my dogs.

Next up is a cup of coffee or tea while the dogs are outside playing in the yard. While the coffee or tea is brewing, I spend time reflecting upon my intentions for the day. I pull one angel card from a beautiful oracle deck that speaks to me, then I spend some time reflecting upon that angel, asking for the divine to bless and guide the day, and to impart guidance and wisdom. I light a candle in thanks and let the dogs back into the house.

Next up are business emails or communications, Pilates or yoga, and household chores. Of course, everything is put on pause at 9 o’clock because it’s doggy breakfast time! Appointments, more chores, or travel prep may come next, but I always pause around noon for a grounding exercise.

I make dinner in the evening, then my husband and I will either tackle a project together, or we’ll just veg and watch one of our favorite shows. We’re currently very into Victoria, The Crown, and Star Trek Discovery, to name a few.

Around nine I get ready for an infrared sauna. I love taking the time to decompress and meditate while taking care of my body. Then it’s off to bed with a good book. My reading material is either something uplifting that inspires personal and spiritual growth, educational, or I will indulge myself with my favorite genre: the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Harry Dresden will forever have a place in my heart. When I’m ready to drift off I ask to be filled with light and I trust the divine to provide insight, inspiration, and direction for the following day while I sleep.

Do you have a specific routine you do on your day off to treat yourself?

I travel with my husband for work quite often, so I’ve found that it’s easier to go with the flow than have an actual routine; however, one thing I do is start and end every day in meditation and gratitude, even if only for a couple of minutes.

Sometimes I spend hours in meditation and sometimes I just sit outside enjoying nature with my feet in the grass and my hand in the soft fur of a beloved dog. I also play my singing bowls.

When time allows, I receive Reiki from a Reiki Master friend. She’s even good about giving the dogs Reiki when they ask, which is wonderful.

How does being a psychic affect your day to day life?

It can be a little awkward when I say something to a person, and they will look shocked and say something like, “How did you know that?” or “Wow! It’s like you’re psychic!” But I just laugh it off.

Being intuitive and most importantly accepting that I am intuitive is a huge blessing in my daily life. The gift of knowing makes decision making much easier. Trusting my gut saves time and cuts down on anxiety. Intuitive impulses lead me to be where I need to be when I need to be there. I can see that the divine provides for me. These things are game changers, so I always encourage my clients to trust and develop their own intuition so they too can enjoy the benefits.

Have you helped a client in a memorable way?

While a specific story doesn’t come to mind, I do find that many of my clients have similar reactions when I answer their questions about what someone is thinking or feeling. They’ll often say things like, “That’s exactly what they said!” Or in the case of loved ones who have passed on, my clients usually tell me, “That sounds exactly like them! He/She used to say those exact words all the time.” It’s lovely when that happens because it brings the client a sense of validation and closeness to a loved one.

Do you have any fun holiday traditions that you share with your family and friends?

Christmas is my favorite holiday. As soon as Thanksgiving dessert is finished, I’m all about starting up the Christmas music. If possible, all the Fall decorations are put away on the evening of Thanksgiving to make room for winter decor.

The tree goes up on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and by the end of the weekend the house is transformed. My family used to tease me a little for going crazy Martha Stewart with color coordinated exuberant decor, but in recent years they just enjoy the atmosphere. It makes me happy to create a little winter wonderland for those close to me.

The music, the smells, and the lights all fill me with a sense of gratitude and hope as well as love. And while I choose to celebrate Christmas, I honor all holidays of the season with an open heart.

I love to host casual small gatherings with dear friends and family. Of course, there are the big loud family gatherings, which include those without their own relatives near. Big or small, a welcoming atmosphere and good food is part of the get together.

Whether there is a large group, a small group, or even if I’m on my own with my dogs, there is one odd rule in the house. The holiday music playlist, which is classic and calming, has a few dance tracks in the mix. The rule is that no matter what is happening, all in attendance must stop what they are doing and dance when one of those bass-heavy holiday dance tracks starts to play. The dogs are never hard to convince, but even the quiet people in the group get up and show their moves. Random outbursts of joy are one of my things.

To me, the holiday season is a time of gratitude and connection. The angels seem even nearer and the hope for the New Year is bright. I do all I can to rise above any stress and embrace the true spirit of the season.

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