Psychic Kathi: Looking Back From Beyond

Psychic Kathi ext. 9495 is a Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empath, and Astrologer, who was raised by a psychically gifted family. She received extensive training from her grandfathers, who both taught metaphysics. Psychic Kathi ext. 9495 begins each reading by asking for your name, date of birth, and a specific question. She sees moving pictures in her mind like a playing video, often receiving audio messages directly from her guides. She has many years of corporate business experience, and can even tune into your pet.

Psychic Kathi ext. 9495 had a near-death experience at the age of 20, in which she was declared legally dead for three minutes, and was able to visit the “other side” before returning to her body to help others reach higher levels of vibration. After a messy divorce, her health suffered due to the emotional stress. Admitted to a hospital after nearly starving herself, she was administered large doses of penicillin, which unbeknownst to her doctor, she was allergic to. When she began to react badly, the doctor responded by increasing the dosage. The next thing Psychic Kathi knew, she was hovering near the ceiling, looking down on her body as the doctors tried to resuscitate her.

“It was just like turning over in bed,” she relates, “except that I turned over and I was on the ceiling looking down. The next thing I knew I was in a fabulous garden. There was a three-tiered fountain, and the water in the fountain was singing to me. There was a circle of flowers around the fountain, the most gorgeous flowers I’d ever seen, ones with vibrating colors that just don’t exist on the Earth Plane. Everything was alive. There were tall, white buildings off in the distance. And there was a sense of total peace, harmony, and ecstasy, higher than anything you can imagine experiencing on Earth. It was like being totally enfolded in the arms of God, and knowing that you’re home. People should know that when they die, they’ll just be home with God.”

Periodically, she was able to see her body, and the doctors attempting to inject and shock her to try and restart her heart. Then she would be back in the garden. “I thought to myself, ‘This is awesome. This is my home. I’m gonna’ stay here forever.’ And then I hear this booming voice say, ‘You can stay here for a time, but if you stay here too long you’ll have to be born again.’ And I didn’t want to do all that over again! I was almost 21! I was almost legal!”

Psychic Kathi returned to her body. Though she had been born into a psychic family, and had been trained by her family and her guides since a young age, this was a formative moment in her career. By day, she worked as a certified business consultant, and by night she worked as a psychic and astrologer, continuing to deeply study her art, both in the physical and astral planes, for years. She says that working in both worlds brought her great happiness and joy.

Now, Psychic Kathi is highly sought after for her psychic consulting on business. “When people call me, they should have an open mind,” she counsels. “They should know that I’m there for them, to help them put the pieces of the puzzle together. We can have a joyful processing of whatever’s going on in their world.” She works clairvoyantly, seeing what her caller shares with her as mental movies, and brings in her guides to aid her, as well as using cards and astrology. “When we speak,” she says, “There’ll be a lot more going on than just a conversation.”

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