In The Mood For a Reading?

Of course you call a psychic for a reading when you’re anxious, heartbroken or confused… you need clarity! You want to know that tomorrow will be a better day – and that something good will happen for you again.

But is there a chance that your troublesome mood will influence the outcome of your reading? Yes and no, our psychics answer. Here’s what you need to know

Professional psychics know how to see past your moods, but there are circumstances when a caller might actually block the possibility of receiving a clear reading simply by being too emotional. And yes, if there’s a huge cloud hanging over your head when you call, it may take longer for a psychic to get to the heart of your matter. But for the most part just being upset, or depressed or tearful, is expected – and emotions are respected.

“It’s true that callers in a good mood tend to be more open to receiving messages and are more attentive to the details of their readings,” Joy ext. 5142 reports. “They can concentrate on the circumstances I see surrounding their situation and appreciate the outcome, whether it’s good news or bad.” On the other hand, she explains, clients who call in upset tend not to be interested in their readings unless they hear what they want to hear at that particular moment. “I also notice that when I’m interrupted while delivering a spirit message, the messages are less informative.”

While many of our psychics report that a caller’s bad mood can slow down the reading process, the reading itself can help raise a caller’s spirits and actually raise their energy vibrations. Some of our psychics work with their clients on an emotional level to help them get past their blockages.

The good news is that anger or great sadness can clear out as clients begin to accept some clarity on their issue… and often the information and answers then begin to flow more readily, many psychics including Tammy ext. 9380, report. “Readings often raise a person’s vibrational frequency.”

But there are people who will call in an overwhelmingly troubled emotional state that seriously limits what the psychic can do. If a caller is seriously blocked, Ariel ext. 9775 explains, a reader can only see so far into their energy and may end up stumped. If a caller’s energy is good, the psychic can sometimes see very far into the future.

“It’s the reason that people who are falling in love often get such good readings – they offer no resistance,” Tammy adds.

Anger and depression tend to block the flow of energy and energy is what psychics tune in to, with their various gifts and tools, to get the messages callers need to hear from a reading.

Moods can also influence a psychic’s work day. All psychics need downtime to recharge their own energy. If they are exceptionally tired or moody, they won’t log on if they believe their accuracy might be affected.

“When I’m in a good mood myself, I feel more connected to the higher realm and am able to deliver messages faster and more clearly,” Joy reports, echoing the amazing interconnectedness that psychics describe as being a part of their overall work – when their minds are free and clear.

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