Do You Have Psychic Abilities?

Tap in to Your Innate Wisdom and Psychic Talent!

Everyone has psychic ability. The main difference is that some people are able to “listen” to their psychic side much better than others. We’ve all experienced occasional “flashes” of psychic abilities: “Knowing” what someone will say; Who’s calling you on the phone—with no caller ID; Acting on a ‘hunch’ and; Having a premonition that something is going to happen—and it does!

Listening (to what your “intuition,” “guides,” “angels” or the “universe” are showing you) is the first step in order to develop and utilize your own psychic awareness. Not mindlessly having the TV “news” or radio “blather” in the background is helpful. Practicing to clear your mind of your own “chatter” is another step. Many people will use one of many disciplines to develop their “inner energy listening”: Martial arts (Judo, Karate, and Aikido), Tai Chi, Yoga, or other activities requiring awareness, focus and consciousness.

The saying goes: “When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear” (like the movie The Karate Kid when the apartment janitor helped the kid). Until that “teacher appears,” calling a psychic can help one avoid a wrong turn or a blocked path; answer or make sense of confusing situations; give direction and offer suggestions; and help keep you centered on the right path. On you own, you can read various authors (Carlos Castaneda, Michael Newton Journey of souls are a just a few). You can attend local “psychic fairs” to listen and talk to various speakers or attendees you find intriguing—to gain different perspectives and begin learning what’s happening around you that we’re not all aware of yet.

Reading about, and again observe demonstration by psychics at bookstores or psychic fairs, various psychic “tools” and practicing will also focus your “listening,” concentration and trust in your ability. Psychic tools help you to counter/ignore interference from your own personal thoughts and prejudices—when giving a reading, you must leave your personal beliefs/politics/feelings “outside the door.” After practicing with various “light energy” psychic tools—astrology (over 80 different types), tarot cards, runes, pendulum, crystals, reflexology, chakras, iridology, palmistry—choose one or two that you prefer and work consistently with an interpretation system you like. Your intuition and “guides” will adjust to whatever consistent system you choose.

I will receive phone calls from clients that are confused, scared and think they must be “going out of their mind” because they’ve experienced a sudden shift in their consciousness—and are experiencing new information coming to them from “nowhere.” This is a “normal” process.

This is when talking with a psychic is very helpful and reassuring to make sense about what’s happening (like the quote from the TV show Dead Zone: “These visions don’t come with footnotes”). Also, near-deaths, and similar experiences, usually result in an “upward spike” in psychic ability.

Keep your energy light and positive! Trust your intuition. Always do the Right thing, for the Right reason, for the Highest Best Good… and you’ll keep yourself on the path of Light.

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