Keeping in Touch With Friends Near and Far

Keeping in Touch with Friends Near and Far | California Psychics

Friends Forever

For many of us, our friends are as important as our family. We depend on them for support during the big and small events, we share out triumphs and our defeats with them, and everything in between. Sometimes though, because we live in a fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to lose touch with people we thought we could never be separated from, even when connected through social media.

Life Happens

Sometimes our friends move away to attend college, because they’ve finally found love, or that great work opportunity they’ve been working for has finally come around. At times, life literally gets in the way in the form of growing families, and the time that used to be devoted to hanging out with friends is now given over to raising children and setting up play dates. It’s not that anyone wants the friendship to end, it’s just that when priorities shift, sometimes the people you spend the most time with do as well.

Reconnecting with Old Friends

The only thing more awkward than losing touch with friends is trying to get back in contact with them after an extended period of radio silence, but it doesn’t have to be. Often, reaching out to an old friend that you’d like to reconnect with is as easy as sending them a quick text or a message over social media. Begin by asking how they’ve been, or what’s new in their lives, and take the conversation from there. Most of the time, communication didn’t stop because of a huge fight, but because of life circumstances, and the friend you’re reaching out to will be just as happy to get reacquainted as you are. Don’t let your fear of feeling awkward get in the way rekindling a beautiful friendship.

How to Stay Connected

When the inevitable happens and you’re separated from a good friend, it can be disheartening, but there are plenty of ways to keep in touch while living long distance. Here are a few:

  • Create a Group Text
  • Schedule Coffee Dates
  • Send Each Other Care Packages- Especially if you live far across the country, or in different countries.
  • Send Postcards- If you go somewhere amazing, send your friend a sweet postcard to give them a share in your adventure.
  • Play Online Games Together
  • Start a Long-Distance Book Club- Set a weekly time to call or video chat to discuss your progress and opinions.
  • Meet Half-Way- If possible, pick a city right in the middle of you both, and meet there for a day or a weekend.
  • Plan a Real Getaway- If you live too far away to make meeting in the middle possible or worth your time, choose a place you both really want to go and start planning for when you can get together in an exciting new location. The only thing better than reuniting with a long-distance friend is doing it while having an adventure together.

Friendship is an Investment

The older we get and the busier our lives become, and the harder it can become to make new friends, which is part of what can make losing touch with our friends so easy to do and so difficult to deal with at the same time. We invest so much of our hearts and time, (not to mention the material things) into developing our friendships, it’s almost a waste to let them go by the wayside. Yes, rekindling and maintaining friendships can take some effort, but if you care about those people, and they care about you, the rewards outweigh all of the costs, and your connections will only deepen as time goes by. That is something that money cannot buy, and is therefore something very worth your time.

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