Forest Folklore Tarot: September 15-21

Forest Folklore Tarot: September 15-21 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

This tarot deck was created by Kessia Beverley-Smith as she imagined the inhabitants of a huge 45,000-acre forest in Hampshire, England known as the New Forest. The faces on the cards are of her neighbors, friends, and relatives who live in the area. The forest itself is not new. It was staked out by Norman the Conqueror 900 years ago!

The deck is literally steeped in English Folklore and features the fairies, sprites, and water nymphs of the area. I love this deck because it radiates fantasy, and at the same time it pictures traditional costumes of the rural Middle Ages. Let’s walk through the New Forest together and see what the population, both human and fairy, have to tell us about the week ahead.

September 15 – Sunday

Four of Cups

Yes, there has been a loss. There is no getting around it. What we might fail to see today is that most of what we value has been salvaged. In this card’s depiction, a tiny fairy outside the dejected man’s field of vision is offering him a cup of happiness which is still his to enjoy. Because his disappointment has cast such a spell of sadness on him, he doesn’t register what’s going on.

Question: What are five things I can list that are mine after a loss that I can really enjoy today?

September 16 – Monday

Lady of Wands

The fairy holding the lighted wand is a purple-clothed nature spirit, corresponding with the traditional Queen of Wands in this deck. She holds a sealed envelope in her hand. It contains something nice which she sees in your future. The lady bug of good luck attends her on the branch to her left. She has a favor for you today!

Question: How can an attitude of joyful expectancy increase my chances for good luck today? (Hint: It starts with gratitude.)

September 17 – Tuesday

Three of Cups

Three women immersed in sparkling blue water toast their friendship together. They are in a coven of trust! They are saying to us, “All for one, and one for all.” They are dressed in the same attire and signal “belonging” to each other, or to some ideal. It is a joyful ritual of some kind, a cleansing of the spirit, mind, and body.

Question: Who needs me to signal love and loyalty to them today? How can I show my appreciation for theirs to me?

September 18 – Wednesday

Ace of Swords

A buck deer has evaded a hunter. The sword aimed at him is buried in the ground. The card tells us that sometimes a coup comes through tactics, not violence. In out maneuvering the hunter he has made his tour de force!

Question: How can balance and discretion be my greatest “weapons” as I negotiate a complicated situation today?

September 19 – Thursday

Ace of Wands

Two aces in a row, my goodness! A beautiful horse runs free in a field that belongs to him. A violet-clothed fairy with a lit wand gazes on from the distance. She has brought him a happy set of circumstances and is enjoying his joy. He looks over his field with confidence and contentment. Fair weather and good luck rule today.

September 20 – Friday


Change is coming today in some important area of our lives. There is no resisting it. It looks scary but will actually bring us new freedom. It will involve letting go of something we value. We are going forward to something greater whether we feel ready or not.

Question: Once I can see that some change is necessary and inevitable, how can I cooperate with it to bring me my new greatest good today?

September 21 – Saturday

The Chariot

The Chariot driver has complete control over the light and dark horses he drives. They represent his conscious and subconscious motives. The arrow he holds upright in the air signals to all who see him that he is ready and able to defend his integrity and interests. He surveys the dark, ominous landscape with confidence. He is ready to make the journey toward his goals.

Question: Can I harness the motivations of my conscious and subconscious intentions today into a unified whole? Doing so, can I avoid self-sabotage? Do I know the parts of me that are the “enemy” of my happiness? How can I get those parts under my conscious direction?

A Fun Spread to Try: The Celtic Cross

This is an ancient, tried and true Spread consisting of ten cards plus one additional card drawn first as the significator of the questioner. Pull the questioner’s significator based on either the questioner’s personal appearance or your impression of the feel and tone of the questioner’s essential energies. Turn the significator face-up on the table to begin.

The rest of the cards can be arranged to form a cross but I like to lay them out left to right sequentially. The reading flows more easily that way for me, and the cards are read more organically that way, as the complexity of the situation tells us its story.

Card 1- What are the energies permeating this situation? (These could be natural and/or supernatural.)

Card 2- What challenges oppose the questioner in this situation?

Card 3- What is the perfect outcome the client would hope for in the situation?

Card 4- What is at the root of this problem which now exists?

Card 5- What events and influences are passed, or passing away at this moment?

Card 6- What events and influences are coming toward the questioner in the near future?

Card 7- What is the questioner’s attitude about it all at present?

Card 8- What influences are “in her house”, meaning her close friends and family and their attitudes and contributions to this situation?

Card 9- What hopes and fears are clouding the questioner’s vision of a resolution to this issue?

Card 10- What will ultimately happen?

Thanks for joining me this week for Forest Folklore Tarot. I hope to see you again!

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