Financial Heartbreak

Wow. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun — and by fun I mean the escalating unemployment rate and lack of new jobs available … hasn’t this dragged on long enough? It has, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re facing a layoff, cut hours or wages or simply need to make more money to compensate for something else, we looked to our psychics for their best advice and insight on how to face the unknown and financial straits.

“I had a client call me with panic as she realized her department was cutting back and she knew she was one of them.  I looked into her situation and saw that she had befriended a dark haired woman, described her and asked if she recalled her.  My client indeed did recall her, she said this woman was transferred three or four years ago.  I told her to get in touch with this woman as there was a position available in her department and I could see my client was qualified. I saw that the money was the same and let her know. She ended up getting the position and was able to leave her layoff worries behind her.”  – Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625

Positive is the way to go, however … easier said then done. Do you have any tips on how to deal with financial let-downs?

3 thoughts on “Financial Heartbreak

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  3. lonnie5185Lonnie

    hello good articale Justine Thanks for sharing!Good tips and help.

    psychics-Avery- Verbena-Terri good advice. I stay focused on the client positive changes from work it does open other doors for us too.That turns out happier and more pleasant outcome that what you have a the moment.Or a really good opperunty that you wouldnt have changed other wise.



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