Extraordinary Lives of Psychics

We asked four of the newest additions to the California Psychics® team to offer insight into what it’s like to be born with the gift of prophesy. Then we reveal how they decided to use their inherent gifts to follow their life’s path. Their stories run the gamut from funny to hair-raising… insightful and, most of all, inspiring.

What would it be like to be born into a family that has been psychic for generations? Can you imagine being tucked into bed each night as a child, knowing that when the lights went out, a man wearing a hat would be standing at the foot of your bed? Or, finally getting your mom to believe that your long-gone grandfather was keeping you up at night because he had a message for her? These extraordinary stories and more are an eye-opening introduction to the real lives of psychics Brendalynn, Fiona and Kit.

New California Psychic Fiona ext. 5178 grew up in family where practicing readings in the family room and dinner table gossip about intuitive relatives, passed and present, were everyday occurrences. By the time the Clairvoyant was in high school, she had begun earning money predicting who would be dating whom. “The kids at school said I was always right – I wasn’t, but I was right enough of the time for them to pay me out of their allowance for readings. Our home phone was always ringing off the hook. My mom would proudly say, ‘Pick it up, it’s another one of your clients,’ and my grandmother, a master astrologer, would always smile. I can’t tell you how much confidence all of these experiences gave me early on,” Fiona recalls.

But receptive families aren’t always there when you are the only psychic child in a non-psychic family. Brendalynn ext. 5173 hid her gifts early on because of her religious background. Even as an adult, she worried that she might make “psychic slips” in public. She was self-conscious about other people constantly asking, “how did you know that?” She didn’t want to have to answer that question.

By the age of four, Kit ext. 5180 could sense what was happening in the lives of people around her, and she believed that the man in the hat who appeared in her room at night was there to protect her. Her grandparents, whom she lived with, disregarded her psychic awakenings as dreams – and yet her grandmother did ask questions about what she saw and felt. When she was 17, Kit was given a set of Tarot cards as a gift, though her family wasn’t thrilled with her new interest. As she began to study the Tarot, her psychic senses, she says, increased dramatically.

Psychics Kit and Fiona grew into reading professionally quite naturally, and their client lists seemed to grow organically through word-of-mouth. “I never advertised my gifts in any way,” Kit remarks – still, she became a full-time professional psychic at the age of 23.”The owner of a small metaphysical bookstore called one day and asked if I would work for her, because she had heard about my work. Within months my path took on a life of its own.”

“I finally understood that everyone has a special purpose in the universe and that as modern psychics, we provide answers,” reveals Fiona about her decision to becoming a professional intuitive. “I found great joy in giving readings. Being a good psychic is about caring for people, about deep understanding, heart knowledge and unraveling mysteries – I truly love what I do.”

Only Brendalynn says she had to experience “a dark night of the soul,” and it lasted three years. She felt it was necessary to “liberate her mediumistic, psychic self.” For 22 years, she had jobs in real estate and business, until she found herself running into mysterious barriers. “I couldn’t prosper. I couldn’t get my work done. My personal life was falling apart,” she openly admits. “I went through an intense and deeply spiritual transformation when I stopped doubting my gifts and caring about what everyone else thought. All of those barriers fell down when I revealed myself and said, this is who I am.”

If you are psychic or are born with gifts or talents in any related area, our new psychics encourage you to embrace them – whether you decide to grow your gifts professionally or not. “Never underestimate the power of self-realization!” Fiona exclaims.

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